Which Men’s Rings Suit Your Personal Style?

April 26, 2013

First on the runway, and now in retail stores: men’s accessories are more popular than ever, particularly men’s rings. Adding a signature jewelry piece is no longer something that only women should consider – men’s rings offer masculine detail accents that will add a perfect finishing touch to any wardrobe. Which current fashion trends in men’s rings fits your own personal style and outlook? Here are ideas for every type of man.

Mens Rings

You’re on the cutting edge. If the latest technology and gadgetry is your thing, you’ll love some of the new contemporary metals and materials currently available in men’s rings. Not only do most of these contemporary materials offer the high quality of precious metals at a lower price tag, but they have their own range of wholly unique properties.
Often used in aerospace and industrial applications, titanium men’s rings are incredibly lightweight, hypoallergenic and durable. Tungsten carbide rings is only bested in hardness by a diamond, and is also used in ammunition and for nuclear testing. Not to be confused with what you can find in your kitchen, ceramic men’s rings are engineered to have the strength of tungsten with the lightness of titanium.

You favor a vintage look. If you often look like you just stepped off the set of Mad Men, you’ll love adding some retro-style men’s rings to your wardrobe. Historically used for both ornamental and practical purposes, signet rings have a distinct vintage appeal. While some modern signet men’s rings boast crest-like designs, others incorporate precious elements like diamonds.

You like to make a statement. Fashion men’s rings are offering a bold look this season, with lots of oversized pieces and chunky accent stones. While stones like onyx and turquoise have long been found in men’s rings, oversized elemental rocks are also gaining popularity. Taking a page from women’s jewelry trends, stones with a raw and natural look like agate, geodes and druzies are being seen in a number of men’s fashion rings.
Some current must-have design elements include skulls, “manly” animals like bulls and snakes, and even roses (a surprisingly common motif in men’s accessories this season). Oversized rings with blackened or dark accents are also prominent in today’s men’s rings.

You love the nautical look. The nautical look continues to be one of the hottest trends in menswear, and can range in style from preppy to pirate when it comes to men’s rings. For those who want to display nautical style while sticking with pieces that have more long-term wear potential, consider items with subtle details like braided or rope accents. Many of these types of rings have a vintage heirloom appeal, and are sure to add value to your jewelry box for years to come.

You need something to fidget with. For men who require constant distraction, spinner rings are a ready solution. A fixed outer band holds a mobile inner band, allowing the wearer to “spin” it. Also known as worry or prayer rings, spinner rings have actually been around for centuries. Modern men’s spinner rings can come in a variety of materials and styles, but all assure a certain level of entertainment.

You like your wardrobe to hold a deeper meaning. For those who like to put their heritage on display, or who simply like to wear something with some historical significance, tribal, Celtic and mokume gane men’s rings are all excellent options. Both tribal and Celtic rings can have intricate, organic designs that use natural elements as inspiration. Celtic rings can also be found in the instantly recognizable Claddagh design of two hands holding a crowned heart, and can also double as promise rings. Mokume gane is an ancient technique of layering metals to create a handsomely swirling pattern, and was first used in samurai swords.

No matter what your preferred look or personal style may be, there is doubtless a men’s ring that is ready to enliven and add value to your wardrobe.

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