Engagement Rings in Bold Gold The New Trend

March 6, 2013

Entertainment celebrities are sporting yellow gold engagement rings, and all of sudden, you feel like you’re back in the ‘80s. The latest one to prefer yellow gold over the more valuable and expert-recommended platinum is pop star Miley Cyrus. Her 3.5-carat diamond is set on an 18k gold band. She’s also seen wearing an “enhancer” to her engagement ring for an even more stunning look.

It seems that people might also be getting a bit tired of the usual diamond-on-white metal look. We’ve been seeing engagement ring stones in different shades for quite some time now – pink diamond on J.Lo, emerald on Halle Berry and sapphire on no less than the Duchess of Cambridge. And more recently, it looks like coloured gold is coming back.

If you do think about it, yellow gold is the classic band for engagement rings. The colour gives a feeling of warmth and softness that makes the ring more appropriate for a romantic symbol. And that shouldn’t be a surprise. Yellow gold, together with rose gold, was a favourite in the Victorian era – a period known for romance and glamour.

three-stone engagement ring with yellow gold band

three-stone engagement ring with yellow gold band

Why Follow the Trend?

One excellent thing about yellow gold is that you won’t mistake it for anything else but gold.

And that’s comparing it with the more popular metals for engagement rings – white gold and platinum. Most people who aren’t trained to look at jewellery easily confuse these two white metals with silver or titanium.

There are also designs that come out more dramatic with yellow gold than with any white metal. This is very true with antique-inspired rings. The rich tone of the metal also gives the contrast that a diamond or coloured stones like sapphires and rubies need.

Since yellow is its natural shade, yellow gold rings will retain its colour even after years of wearing. There’s no need for you to take it back to the jeweller to re-plate it. It’s one good reason why some couples also choose yellow gold wedding bands over white gold ones. White gold is plated with rhodium, and you need to have it re-plated sooner or later.

A yellow gold engagement ring won’t likely give you skin allergies, since it doesn’t contain any amount of nickel. This particular metal is made with mostly pure gold mixed with a minimal amount of zinc or copper.

Both buyers and designers like yellow gold, because it’s a very malleable material. This makes it ideal to use for the most intricate designs. It can be fashioned into almost any elaborate pattern and style without the danger of ruining the metal.

yellow gold solitaire

yellow gold solitaire

Is Bold Gold for You?

Most jewellers offer 14k and 18k yellow gold engagement rings. 18k generally contains about 75% gold and 25% other metals like zinc and copper. 14k is made of approximately 58% gold.

Choose 18k gold if you want a deeper yellow colour. Naturally, the more gold content, the deeper the yellow colour. But a 14k gold ring tends to be more durable, since it’s alloyed with a higher amount of strengthening metals.

You might also want to consider your skin tone before deciding on getting a yellow gold engagement ring. It often looks great on someone with a warm skin tone. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t wear yellow gold jewellery if you have a cooler skin tone. It only means that a cool-toned skin looks better with the lustre of white gold or platinum.

But the most important thing when choosing your ring isn’t really to follow the trend or any rule. These fashion trends and information should only be your guide to knowing your own style. Make sure that it is what you want. If an engagement ring in bold gold best represents you and your relationship, go ahead and wear it.

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