Spring Fashion Trends For Men

February 25, 2013

Spring is just around the corner so it is time to start considering your spring wardrobe. There are some things that are very new for this coming spring season. Men will have a lot more versatility and creative freedom when it comes to choosing outfits come spring. There are trends for everything from casual weekend wear to the suits you will wear to work and for those special occasions.

Spring Fashion Trends For Men

Spring Fashion Trends For Men

Bright Pants

Just like bright-colored jeans are very in for women right now, they are very in for men too. This is nice because men are always stuck in blue and black pants. When you head out for time with friends, a date or just to kick around the city, you can make a major fashion statement with the very colorful pants that are going to be very in after winter. The colors range from bright yellow, to teal to watermelon red, so the possibilities are truly endless.


This is a very rustic looking boat shoe. These will go with any casual outfit that you can imagine. They look a little worn, are very comfortable and come in a variety of colors. You can pair them with shorts and a polo for a day out on the boat, or with some bright pants and a graphic tee for a more edgy look.

Suit Trends

Simplicity is very in when it comes to spring suit trends. You want thinner fabrics, thinner ties and a little more fun. While the basic black and white will never go out of style, you can enjoy more spring-like colors with pastels and light grays. Now, a pastel yellow suit may not be best for the office, but a light gray-blue color, light gray and an off-white can work at the office and when taking your significant other out to dinner on a Saturday night. This is also nice because the thinner materials will be more comfortable as the thermometer rises.

Patterned Shirts

Tiny polka dots, stripes and even crazy patterns are very in this spring. Don’t toss your white button downs because these are still stylish, but whenever you can you should take advantage of a fun shirt. Not all patterns are loud either, so you can easily get away with wearing these at the office when you have the chance. Think about a medium blue with very small light gray dots. This will liven up your outfit and allow you to express yourself a bit while still staying within your company’s dress code.

Distressed Denim

If you have an old pair of jeans that you stuck in the back of your closet because they were worn out, you can pull those bad boys out and wear them again. The same goes for that old denim jacket that you retired back in 1995 because these are in again too. Since bright-colored pants are also in, you can get a pair that is distressed, pair this with a distressed denim jacket in a different color and then add the T-shirt of your choice and you will have an edgy and very trendy outfit the next time you head out for a night with friends.

Corduroy Blazers

These are very in this spring and can be dressed up or dressed down. These are nice when you head out on a cool spring night, but do not need that winter coat. You can wear it with a pair of jeans and depending on the shirt and shoes you pair with these, will have an outfit appropriate to meet a new client or your significant other for Sunday afternoon coffee.

About the author: Ted Corbitt writes about men’s fashion and men’s clothing styles.  Ted writes exclusively for Balani.

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