Revamp Your Guy’s Style with Men’s Jewelry

November 26, 2013

Is your man looking more schlumpy than hunky these days? While it may not be as dire as a ratty t-shirt and sweats scenario, oftentimes men can get stuck in the same wardrobe rut, wearing a variation of the same outfit day in and day out instead of trying new trends and expanding their look.

This is where you come in. Most women at some point have found themselves helping their significant other improve their style. It’s important, however, to be careful not to push him into outfits that he might feel uncomfortable in.

Rather than doing an entire wardrobe overhaul, start small. Jewelry for men has never been more in fashion, and is a great way to spruce up his look and give him a little confidence to perhaps try other trends. Here are a few tips on helping him find his style using some of the most predominant types of men’s jewelry and accessories.


Watches are simultaneously the easiest and most difficult type of jewelry for men to purchase for your guy. On one hand, most men feel completely comfortable wearing a watch and consider it to be a universally “manly” accessory. On the other hand, a watch is an incredibly personal accessory for men, and one that will have to be selected very carefully, especially as it is usually an everyday wear item. If he already has a watch that he loves and wears daily, you may want to forgo trying to replace it altogether. However, if he has a watch that he feels so-so about or is in dire need of replacing due to wear, you can probably forge ahead.

Mens Black Watches

The best initial plan of attack for this particular type of jewelry for men is to find out what he likes. It’s easy to casually get his opinion on different types or styles of watches when passing by store windows or admiring someone else’s timepiece. From there, you can look at which of the current trends best suit his personal look and style. Some of the best watch trends that have staying power are retro-inspired timepieces (think chronographs), black watches and ceramic watches. The best part of buying him a timepiece that he likes and that suits him is that every time he looks at it, he’ll think of you.


Men’s bracelets are everywhere on the runway and in fashion magazines, but will he wear one? You may be surprised at how willing he is to try this very prevalent trend in jewelry for men. With the wide variety of styles of men’s bracelets currently available, it should actually be very easy to find one that suits his personal style.

Men's Bracelets

One particular type of bracelet that men everywhere are embracing is leather bracelets, perhaps because of their more rugged look. Leather bracelets for men can range from more casual wrap designs to fancier metal-accented pieces to the omnipresent braided styles. If your guy is more on the staid side, stick to classic neutral shades like black, brown and tan, but if he likes displaying a little flair, opt for trendier bold colors like orange or bright blue.

Necklaces & Pendants

While men’s necklaces and pendants may not seem like an easy sell, there is so much variety on the market that you are sure to find something that works for your guy. Necklaces also tend to suit men to wear – they don’t constrain fingers like rings do or move around like bracelets can, and they can easily be obscured under articles of clothing if need be.

Men's Necklaces & Pendants

While oversized pendant necklaces are very much in style, you can always stick to something a little more classic, like a plain chain or a dog tag style necklace. To encourage him to wear it more, try a lightweight contemporary material like titanium or ceramic.

When purchasing any kind of jewelry for men, try to expand his horizons a little bit while respecting his comfort zone. If you carefully select jewelry items that are stylish yet to his taste, he may feel inspired to have the rest of his closet follow suit.

Author Name/Pen Name Tanya Zilinskas Naouri

Author Bio: The best initial plan of attack for this particular type of jewelry for men is to find out what he likes.

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