Pilates Workout: A Distinctive Way to Weight Loss

April 3, 2013

People are relatively more concern and aware of fitness and health issues these days. There is a rush of fitness techniques and exercising equipments in the market that makes it hard to choose any one. Cardiovascular exercises and weight trainings are the traditional forms of staying fit and healthy but they are time consuming and need specific exercise tools and instructions. Hence, sometimes it becomes difficult to manage budget and time to meet the fitness standards. Yoga, Pilates and Tai Bo are some workouts that are relatively simple, easy to do and effective.

Pilates Workout Girl

Pilates Workout Girl

What is Pilates

Pilates is developed by the German fitness expert Joseph Pilates. The workout moves are especially designed for physically challenged people but the benefits of the moves make them too popular worldwide for all. Pilates concentrates on strengthening core muscles with certain moves with or without exercise tools. Pilates connects the mental well being with the physical fitness to deal with the life successfully. Mind and body coordination and focused breathing are the basic requirements for Pilates workout. Pilates engages the ribcage and spine to strengthen and tone them. Core muscles are consider as the power house of the body and it is important to make them strong to balance the body and improve the posture. The increased core strength and flexibility assist in preventing injuries and discomforts. Pilates is a great way to look and feel better without exercising equipments but one can increase the challenge and benefits of the workout with Pilates rings or weighted balls.

Pilates for Weight Loss

Mostly people look for the safe, easy-to-do and fast ways to get rid of the extra pounds and trim their bodies. However, it should be kept in mind that weight loss can never be an overnight process. All the methods that guarantee a fast drop in weight would be dangerous for overall health.

Pilates is a combination of toning and stretching exercises. It works on building and strengthening muscles. Muscles burn more calories than fat. Building muscles would increase calorie burning that helps you losing weight. So Pilates assists in weight loss but it’s a relatively slower process. Generally, weight loss needs an intense amount of any moderate intensity workout. It would be hard and much time consuming to drop your weight if you perform only Pilates. For quick weight loss results it’s better to combine Pilates with any aerobics exercise. For a modest calorie burn and fat loss Pilates routine requires little aerobic efforts.

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