Recycled Plastic in Fashion

March 13, 2013

One of the top trends in the fashion and apparel industry has been the usage of plastic in apparel.  The types of fashion products that benefit from recycled plastic include handbags, sportswear, trousers and skirts.

The benefits of recycled plastic in fashion

  • Sustainable: This is not only a trend in the environment but it is has trickled into fashion by being adopted by many designers. From haute couture designers to high street boutique designers, sustainability has roared to be one of the most important aspects of fashion. The inclusion of recycled plastic makes the fashion industry come across more sustainable. A by product of the usage has meant that more green-focused consumers are being catered for. Fashion is much more than mass market clothing or haute couture – there are many environmentally focused shoppers who want to incorporate recycling into their style.
  • Reduces waste: Recycled fashion garments are a sign that waste will be reduced. From concept to manufacturing, waste reduction is achieved because plastic itself is being recycled for clothing. When recycled plastic is used in clothing, when it nears the end of its life can be given to charities who will give it to people in need. This proves that recycled plastic can go even further than traditional fashion materials.
  • Cost effective:  The cost of using recycled plastic in fashion is not as expensive as brands and suppliers think. As it is adopted more across the world, the pricing shall stabilise for companies that are innovative to see the rewards of using recycled plastic in apparel.
  • Brand conscious: Recycled plastic allows fashion brands to create a branding extension of their current brand. Whether it is through sportswear or dresses, branding becomes strong and loyal when recycled plastic is introduced because it is unique and different. This means recycled plastic rich clothing will appeal to consumers who like edgy brands that care about the environment and the society around them.
Recycled Plastic in Fashion

Recycled Plastic in Fashion

How does it work?

Plastics such as PSI Urethanes can be recycled and finally they can be manufactured into plastic by the following technique. This includes melting the plastic down and stretching the plastic into threads which are spun into being fabric. It’s through new technology that has allowed recycled plastics to be part of the fast moving fashion industry.

Even though recycled plastic is popular in outdoor and sportswear, it is only going to soar into general apparel. Materials such as faux fur are known to include plastics – it’s only a matter of time until recycled plastics are part of the scenario as well. The accessories market of the recycled plastic fashion industry is also booming as it is included in handbags, watches and jewellery.

The future

The UK fashion industry alone is worth over £20bn per year, while the US market boasts numbers higher than this. As the industry continues to boom as more consumers become discerning about what they are purchasing, suppliers of recycled plastic will benefit from the fashion and sportswear utility market.

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