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9 beautiful kurta designs you can wear without bottoms

You know it’s time to change up your style when you walk up to your closet and find nothing interesting to wear.  Summer is the best time to make new fashion statements. Change up your wardrobe to light ethnic wear that will keep you comfortable and stylish. Kurtis are a hot commodity all season.  How… Read More »

11 Fascinating Ways to Care for Naturally Curly Hair

With all the knots, twists, and turns, curly hair looks undeniably unique. However, it can be very delicate and fragile, too. Come to think of this, given the wavy nature, the natural oils in the scalp, which are responsible for softening and protecting the hair, may not immediately reach the tips. As a result, curly… Read More »

How to Get More Bling from your Rings

Even the most fashionable of fashionistas get a little stumped when it comes to getting the most out of wearing more than one ring on each hand. Like with all accessory fashion, there are a few guidelines that will put you in the know.   Stacking rings with style can transform a simple outfit and make… Read More »

Reasons Why Georgette-Kurtis Are Becoming Popular in India

Georgette-Kurtis may not be your ordinary wear, but make no mistake, this attire is incredibly popular and their popularity seems to rise with every passing day. Whether you need a lazy vibe for the weekend or you just want an attire to see you through the house chores such as taking care of the laundry,… Read More »

Simple ideas for amazing decoration around your house

If you are struggling with the decoration of your home, there is one thing that will help you a lot: focus on the simple ideas. I am not saying you should embrace a minimalist style or get rid of most of your stuff. Rather, I am talking about applying simple principles that will help you… Read More »

The Amazing Mokume Gane Jewelry Designs

Have you ever heard of the mokume gane jewelry-making technique? Most people have not. The name is a little hard to remember so it isn’t much talked about. Mokume gane is an ancient Japanese  “wood grain metalworking technique” and is pronounced moe-koo-may gah-nay. It was originally developed to make high-end swords (1651-1728) and ultimately became… Read More »

Choosing the Best Jumpsuits and Rompers for Women

If you want to look fashionable and chic, then jumpsuits and rompers for women can be your best bet. It is an attractive outfit that’s been so trendy that you can actually see it everywhere. It doesn’t matter whether you’re going to attend a formal party, having a girl’s night out or just looking for… Read More »

How To Find A Comfortable Corset Top

A sexy corset top is a great accessory to help you flaunt what you’ve got. This can have sheer mesh or a lace bustier. You can buy the corset top as a single piece or with a matching skirt. Regardless of how you wear your corset top, you’ll definitely make such a bold statement wherever… Read More »

Portrait photography tips and advice for fashion photographers

Portrait photography is the bread-and-butter product of the typical retail photographer of (almost) all photography niches. Individuals, families, and children are all staple subjects, but there is also a need for both formal and informal portraiture in the corporate and editorial markets. Portraits are frequently required of business executives, entertainers, sports figures, and other celebrities.… Read More »