Fashion Updates

The Secrets to Picking out the Perfect Promise Rings

Who said that you have to spend a fortune in the name of buying a promise ring or even an engagement ring? They can be quite expensive but then with the advent of internet technology it is easier to find affordable options. Shopping at your local store is going to make your search for the […]

The Modern Man and His Sense of Style

Today’s man represents a whole different breed from the generation of our fathers and grandfathers. He is more sophisticated and takes great care of the image which he sends out to the world every day. Gone are the days when all the fashion men could think about was the traditional suit and tie or a […]

Festival Wear Sarees For That Perfect Indian Look

India is multi cultural and multi religious place but one attire that women across all religions or culture wear is saree. In India during festive season and weddings women wear saree as it is the traditional wear of India. Women look beautiful as this attire flatters the women’s body perfectly as it highlights the woman’s […]

Useful Plus Size Fashion Guide

Being plus size should never stop you from being fashionable and fabulous. Maintaining a stylish appearance requires you to know how to dress your body, dress comfortably and show off your curves. This starts with being aware of the areas of the body that you want to accentuate. Colors and Patterns Create a wardrobe that […]

Why designer wedding sarees are fast gaining popularity

The saree and a wedding don’t exist without each other. The two have to be present for the wedding to take place. Today, there are many options to choose from when it comes to Indian wedding wear. It is unique and holds special meaning to the ceremony. For any person who has been to an […]

Saree State: Types Of Sarees Across India

Sarees bring out the true beauty of an Indian woman. Sarees are versatile, making them perfect for wearing to traditional functions like poojas and weddings, as well as for formal events like business meetings. As an Indian woman, your wardrobe can only be complete if you have saress of different styles and from different states. […]

5 Different Lehenga Styles For Different Body Types

India being a land of different cultures, always have festive occasions around the corner. When ethnic, the lehenga choli is a popular choice among young girls and women. For a wedding, the bridal lehenga is the best choice. You must also keep in mind what colours suit you best. Due to the various types of […]

10 Interesting Facts about Engagement Diamond Ring Designs and Much more

A good high quality engagement diamond ring doesn’t come cheap; it is customary to set aside 8 weeks’ worth of your paycheck for this purchase. However, there are so many options that most people end up throwing this out in favor of rings that can cost as low as $300 and as high as $1,000,000. […]

Congratulatory Gifts for All Big Occasions

Every time you visit a party, you have to think of a gift and get one that doesn’t cost much, also you would want your gift to be the best one. Gifting others always gives a happy and delightful feeling for all and if the occasion is a happy one then gifts are must. Parties […]

What makes a great oil diffuser?

Oil diffusers are very popular in the market due to the benefits of essential oils. People are buying more and more oil diffusers for their homes as it will give a great aroma in their house. The oil diffusers come in all kind of varieties and you need to choose the right diffuser. There are […]