Precious Blue Sapphire Gemstones and Jewelry

July 13, 2013

Of all precious gemstones, the stone that has remained a favorite for antiquity is the Blue Sapphire. The enchanting blue stone is often a preferred choice for engagement rings and other exquisite jewelry, adored by women all across the globe. The precious gemstone – Sapphire is a variety of the mineral corundum, which is an aluminum oxide. They are available in different colors – pink, orange, purple, yellow, green and the most popular blue color.

Neelam stone, as it is popularly known as in India, is related with happiness and joy. It is known to bring peace, harmony in the lives of the wearer and also believed to be the stone representing fidelty. The blue color of this gemstone gives it a versatile look and also makes it fashionable accessory with any dress. It goes with almost anything in your wardrobe. The deep blue sapphires look stunning when set with platinum, gold, or silver.

Read on for different ways in which you can wear these awe-inspiring gemstones –

Blue Sapphire Rings –

Blue Sapphire Rings

Neelam rings are considered to be sophisticated and elegant. Often chosen for weddings, engagements and even as rings to symbolizing friendship, these lovely ornaments are found mounted on silver, platinum and even gold.

These rings are also suggested by astrologers to be worn for the benefits of the sapphire stone.

Blue Sapphire Pendants –

Blue Sapphire Pendants

Beautiful Sapphire pendants in sterling silver have become increasingly popular over time. These delicate, ornate pendants make for ideal gifts for women. Worn in the neck, placed near one’s heart, there is not a better way to don the blue dazzling stone.

Blue Sapphire Bracelets –

Blue Sapphire Bracelets

Another unique way of wearing this very precious stones  is to wear it on your wrist. The brilliant blue coloured gemstone looks magnificent in white gold and sterling silver bracelets and are a fashionable way to wear the stone if you’re not looking to wear it as a traditional ring or necklace.

While these jewelry designs can be very tempting, it is important to equip oneself with ample know-how of the stone before actually buying it. Trust a seller after verifying their credentials. Once you’re aware of what you’re buying, your shopping experience is going to be double the fun.

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