Get Fit, and Look Good Doing It!

April 12, 2013

You want to follow a fitness regime, but you also want to take your style into the gym or out onto the road – this isn’t always the easiest balance to find, and the idea of looking good while you’re working out can seem a bit remote when you’re just starting out with your exercises.

However, it is possible to pick the right outfits that can be experimented with when you’re getting fit, which will both mean you can stay comfortable, while also staying stylish. Given the recent blending of sportswear and couture, a trend that emerged around last year’s Olympics, there’s a lot of great designer items out there to think about alongside more traditional exercise gear and basic accessories.

Get Fit, and Look Good Doing It!

Get Fit, and Look Good Doing It!

When you’re looking for activewear, it’s important to decide on where you’re going to do most of your working out – are you going to be in the gym, or will you be running out on roads? You need to find something that’s going to be comfortable and practical, but still stylish – cropped sweaters, fitted shorts, tennis shoes, spaghetti tops, and a good sports bra are essentials. It’s also essential to experiment with different colours through leg warmers, while remembering the benefits of all black layered outfits when you’re just starting your exercise regime.

In terms of finding the right clothes and brands, Stella McCartney produced a great collection for Adidas last year, which includes colour blocking, gold zips, and stylish tracksuits and tops that mean you can have more options than baggy training gear. Gap also do a good selection of leggings and tracksuits, while it’s worth finding the best trainers you can if you’re going to be doing a lot of exercising, and want something that’s going to last.

Look for outfits that are going to be form fitting without being skin tights, and think about how different layers can be added to your exercise gear for when you’re commuting to the gym, or for when you’re warming down; track jackets, cardigans, handbags and totes can be matched up to your outfit, while you can skip out on running shoes for light exercise with some casual lace ups – in terms of make up, less is generally more – some lip gloss and mascara is usually fine.

Men have a little more flexibility in terms of what they can wear – for weightlifting, sleeveless T shirts are generally best, while it’s important to look for performance fabrics that are going to allow you to breathe. Tighter shorts are necessary for cycling, while it’s always a good idea to spend more on running shoes, and to geta proper fitting at a running shop.

Some of the best brands to look out for when you’re picking your sportswear range from familiar ones like Nike and Adidas, through to brands that combine traditional items and outfits with more stylish items that can be worn to complement what you’ll wear during your exercises – some of these brands include Henri Lloyd, Franklin and Marshall , Fred Perry, Rene Lacoste, and K-Swiss.

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