Famous Spectacle Wearers: 10 of the Best

February 21, 2013

A pair of glasses can be a real fashion statement and many celebrities have made a distinctive pair of specs a central part of their outfit. We’ve picked out ten celebs that have put glasses at the centre of their signature style.

Nowadays a trip to an optician isn’t just an important part of making sure your eyes are healthy, it’s a chance to accessorize. In the past mainstream fashion has often shunned glasses but recently spectacles have become a must-have accessory and the influence of celebrities on that process has been massive. Here’s a look at ten celebrities from the past and present who’ve made face furniture part of their trademark look.

Sir Elton John Pictures, Images, Photos, Wallpapers

Sir Elton John – Image by: david_shankbone

1. Sir Elton John

You could probably write an entire book based on the evolution of Sir Elton’s spectacle range. From the oversized goggles that he used to wear in his earlier days, through to the sleek, tinted pairs that are his new favourite, this pop legend has always worn his glasses with style.

Tinie Tempah Pictures, Images, Photos, Wallpapers

Tinie Tempah – Image by: Mackenzie jean

2. Tinie Tempah

This London rapper, and impeccable dresser, has arguably done more than anyone to make glasses part of the young, urban fashion scene. His love of oversized Ray Bans has helped to make them popular with hipsters throughout the nation. Like Tinie, many of these new spectacle-devotees won’t even need to wear glasses to improve their sight – they’re just doing it for the look.

John Lennon Pictures, Images, Photos, Wallpapers

John Lennon – Image by: badgreeb RECORDS

3. John Lennon

John Lennon certainly did need to wear glasses and the wide-set, round-framed style that he went for in the seventies became synonymous with the musical great. The famous Beatle and peace advocate has become so closely linked with this style that the term ‘Lennon-specs’ has become commonplace.

David Hockney Pictures, Images, Photos, Wallpapers

David Hockney

4. David Hockney

Much like John Lennon, British artist David Hockney has always been an avowed non-conformist. His look has reflected this, with his ruffled hair and thick rimmed circular glasses pointedly flying in the face of popular fashion.

Alan Carr Pictures, Images, Photos, Wallpapers

Alan Carr – Image by: mrmanc

5. Alan Carr

Chat show host Alan Carr has made his thin, square shaped glasses an essential element of his look. The popular celebrity has revealed in the past that when he was growing up he was teased for wearing specs but now the comedian and his well-chosen eye-wear are popular features on the TV landscape.

Sue Perkins Pictures, Images, Photos, Wallpapers

Sue Perkins

6. Sue Perkins

The wry, intelligent wit of Sue Perkins is perfectly complemented by the sophisticated glasses she wears. Most recently gracing our screens in the Great British Bake Off on BBC 2, the comedienne and broadcaster started wearing glasses at the age of 27 and has said that she’s happier with her look since doing so.

Dennis Taylor Pictures, Images, Photos, Wallpapers

Dennis Taylor – Imqge by: Neil Hughes

7. Dennis Taylor

Snooker great Denis Taylor is arguably most famous for two things: Wagging his finger at Steve Davis after winning one of the tightest World Snooker Championship finals in history, and wearing enormous upside-down style specs. The Irishman knew that to play his game well he needed a broader field of vision than normal specs would provide and his distinctive oversized eye-wear was the solution.

Su Pollard Pictures, Images, Photos, Wallpapers

Su Pollard – Image by: Paul Edwards

8. Su Pollard

The Hi-de-hi star was another icon of the eighties that became famous for wearing a pair of glasses. Her choice in spectacles were bold to the point of outrageous and in that way they matched her on-screen persona perfectly, becoming an integral part of her outfit.

Dame Edna Everage Pictures, Images, Photos, Wallpapers

Dame Edna Everage – Image by: Eva Rinaldi

9. Dame Edna Everage

As bold as Su Pollard’s glasses may have been, in the outrageous stakes the English comedy actress had nothing on performer Barry Humphries when he became his alter ego Dame Edna Everage. The often bejewelled, extravagantly framed glasses that Dame Edna used to wear as part of her outlandish outfits were all absolute crackers, and essential elements of the drag-queen’s fancy attire.

Harry Potter Pictures, Images, Photos, Wallpapers

Harry Potter – Image by: Laura Barker

10. Harry Potter

Okay, so he’s not a real life celebrity but this fictional character’s iconic look has inspired a generation of readers and movie-goers. The young wizard’s trademark glasses give him a quiet, bookish look – which makes the determination he shows throughout the various trials that he has to face seem all the more impressive.

Who is your favourite bespectacled celebrity?

Benedicte Soteras has worn glasses since the age of 10. She writes posts on a number of topics including fashion, food and enjoys sharing blogging tips. She also works for a digital marketing agency.

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