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7 Top Tips To Get Ready For A Date

Getting a date may be easy in the times of dating apps and social media connectivity. Making a good first impression, well, that can be tricky. Meeting someone in a romantic setting for the first time can be quite daunting so it is essential that you go in well-prepared. The way to do this? Get… Read More »

Pro Makeup Artist Tricks to Make Problematic Eyeshadows Work

There are so many makeup products that go on the market every single week. And it seems like every popular YouTube influencer or celebrity makeup artist has a palette for sale, and their makeup palettes, they claim, are collections of carefully curated eyeshadows. Long established makeup brands, meanwhile, continuously release their own to satisfy the… Read More »

Hair loss shampoo – does it work?

Women joke about tearing their hair out when they are stress, but dealing with real hair loss or thinning problem is not a joke. For many women, head is a defining part of their identity. Our hair has a great influence on our confidence and how we represent ourselves to others. So, hair loss for… Read More »