A Sneak Peak Of Top Five Movies That Has Influenced Style Statement Through Decades

July 4, 2014

From the initial days of the Hollywood films, these are known to have an immense effect on the lifestyle of people around the globe. It has been observed that in the initial years the influence was restricted to the makeup and hair only, but gradually it extended to the clothes that were adorned by people worldwide. People idolized the actors from the silver screen and followed their footsteps so that they could resemble their appearances. During the nineteen twenties and thirties there was a rise in the influence of the Hollywood movies on the fashion statement of the people. With the emergence of the movies, fashion was no longer controlled by the fashion capital of the world.

Top Five Movies

List of movies

The outfits there were worn by the stars who featured in the film were replicated by the retailers through their creation. Few of the worth mentioning film that created fashion statement and had shaped the style statement of people across the world are

  • La Dolce Vita- This comedy-drama movie of 1960 was directed and written by the acclaimed Federico Fellini. This is known to be one of the most stylish films in the history of movies. This masterpiece is inspired by the famous sack dress that was created by Balenciaga, a Spanish house of fashion. This dress was a cause of much controversy in the nineteen fifties as it was different from the hourglass dresses that were in vogue then. This film and movie turned out to be a different form of freedom for the women then and the director reflected the same effectively through the film.
  • Roman Holiday- This romantic comedy was produced and directed by William Wyler. Audrey Hepburn, who stars in this film as a princess, had an effect on the fashion arena. She had brought with her a new element in the arena of fashion and style. The film is known to feature a timeless piece of work that was worn by Hepburn. The fashion world received the timeless combination of scarf and down shirt from this movie. Audrey was also seen in simple flats and skirts that were quiet different from the prevalent fashion then. It was believed to be the extension of the style adorned by the actor.
  • The Seven Year Itch- This American Romantic Comedy that hit the theatres in the year 1955 was based on a play of the same name. The movie starred Tome Ewell and Marilyn Monroe. The white halter neck dress that was worn by the actor is considered to be one of the most iconic costumes that have been adorned till date. The scene of Monroe wearing the white dress with red lipstick and standing on the subway grill and then a gust of winds blowing the dress up is known to be a scene that will be remembered across the fashion arena.
  • Cleopatra- This 1963 movies is a drama based on the life of Cleopatra. This movie revolves around the tragedy and triumph of the Egyptian queen. This movie still has influence in the fashion world as Elizabeth in the costume of the Egyptian queen is still known to have singular influence on fashion. The costumes were changed for almost sixty-five times in the movies and the jewelries that were adorned are still known to be bestsellers.
  • Gone With The Wind- This epic American movie was directed in the year 1939 and was based on the movie of the same name. The costume that was adorned by the Vivian Leigh in the film is counted in the world of fashion. The costumes that were adorned by the actor especially the green curtain dress is still much talked about.

The style depicted in the Hollywood movies has often been embraced by the designers around the world. Costumes that are worn in these movies have played an important driving force for the designers and the fashionistas.

Author Bio: Julia Anderson is a budding fashion designer and in her recent blog, she has enlisted the movies that have an effect on the fashion statement of people around the world. She had watched the films lately through DIRECT TV.

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