9 beautiful kurta designs you can wear without bottoms

November 12, 2018

You know it’s time to change up your style when you walk up to your closet and find nothing interesting to wear.  Summer is the best time to make new fashion statements. Change up your wardrobe to light ethnic wear that will keep you comfortable and stylish.

Kurtis are a hot commodity all season.  How many kurta do you own in your closet? You can never have enough! It all depends n how you style them. Instead of throwing your old ethnic kurti style, you can style them to look more modern and trendy. The new style of wearing kurti without leggings has become trendy. As long as the length of your kurta does not disrespect the Hindu culture, there is no harm in going for this look.

Here is a list of kurti designs that you can wear without leggings

Everybody owns a Dhoti style kurti

Dhoti kurta was first created for men. Overtime, designers changed the trend and created dhoti designs fit for women. Currently, this design is trending in women’s fashion world more than in men’s. The dhoti kurta is knee-length and has pleats from the hips to the knees. Most dhoti kurti are sleeveless with a defined waist.

This kurti looks best on women with square shaped, pear shaped and hour glass figures. If you have wide shoulders, avoid wearing the dhoti type kurti. You can wear this kurta with a pair of pumps to create a fun casual look. Block colored dhoti kurta can be styled with pompoms for official wear. If you are bold enough, you can wear a dhoti styled kurta with a high slit and some traditional sandals for a street style look.

Straight cut short kurti

Straight cut kurti are fashionable and can fit any body type.  Straight cut kurti come in long and short designs. You can wear this kurti with a belt around your waist to add flare to this street wear fashion outfit. Choose a long straight cut kurti with a slit at one side and some sandals for a good summer look

Medium sized straight cut kurti can be worn to the office by accessorising it with one good heels and a fitting jacket. You can choose a straight cut kurti with embroideries and fun prints to achieve a traditional look.

The tulip shaped kurti is a gem

This kurti is flattering and must have for all college girls.  It has a light, trendy tulip shape design on the hemline.  This kurti is especially comfortable during the summer. It keeps you legs cool and is not too heavy for the body

For a casual street style, you can pair the tulip shaped kurti with nice sandals. If you pair this kurti with heavy jewellery on the neck, some classy earrings and a pair of nice heels you can create a dinner, date of night out look

Have fun with your trail-cut kurtis

A trail cut kurti has long cuts on each hemline, giving out a c-shape in the middle. This design is trendy and sophisticated. It is one of the most famous ethnic Indian attire. Every female should have this in their closet

This kurta can be paired with stilettos and pendants for a fashion statement look. You can get your style on at the beach with a light trail cut kurta.

You can never go wrong with flared kurti

Even though flared kurti are traditional attire, they are always trending. Flared kurti are fitting at the upper body and the waist, with a flare on the lower body. a standard flare cut kurti is knee-length .

This kurti is the best to rock without pants. You can style it for office parties, family gatherings, social functions and casual meetings

The flared kurti is suitable for both tall and short people. You can be the centre of attraction by wearing a long flared, embroidered kurti to festivals and cultural events. When paired with block heels, they create the ultimate modern sophisticated fashion statement.

Indo-western kurti are trending

Indo western kurti are a fusion on Indian and western designs. The neckline is quite different on this kurti.  The indo western kurti has a clean cut round or oval neckline and plain fitting arms. The bottom half has a small flare.  Most indo-western kurti are made with silk and chiffon. You can add big studs and Indian bangles to this kurti to make it look more ethnic.  It is easy to accessorise because most ind0-western designs come in block colors

Don’t throw away your kaftan style kurti

The kaftan kurti is perfect for the summer. Its loose silhouette helps you ventilate and lower your body temperature when it’s hot outside .This beautiful kurta is stylish and comfortable. The embroideries and prints make it easy to fit it into different occasions. This kurti goes well with sandals and a hair up-do. You can wear this kurti to college, as street wear, to the beach and to casual meetings with friends. Check out Stylecaret for wide varieties of kurtis for different occasion.

Show your fashion sense with an asymmetrical kurti

The asymmetrical kurti has a straight cut, with an undefined hemline.  One famous asymmetrical kurti design is the high low. Asymmetrical kurtis are made of silk, chiffon or linen. They have a light material and can comfortable to wear the summer

You can pair and asymmetrical kurti with heels to create a stylish work attire. The same look can be sued for dates and casual events. Long asymmetrical kurtis paired with sandals are good for college and some festivals.

Shirt style kurti

The shirt style is a western inspired design. The neckline of this kurti has a collar like that of a polo shirt. Just like a shirt, this kurti has buttons from the neckline to its hemline. This kurti is bold, stylish and popular among college students. You can wear it to casual events, college, outing daily wear and social meetings with friends.

Add a belt to this kurti to give it a modern flare and accessorise with converse for a modern college student look. A long shirt style kurti can be styled with boots to give a street wear trend.

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