Why Should Floor Length Anarkali Be Your Style Statement In This Party Season

February 17, 2017

You have always felt that salwar kurta is the most comfortable outfit ever. Haven’t you? Yes, it is comfortable, elegant and versatile! Yes, you can wear it to work, to parties, to a casual outing anywhere and you will be sorted! Quite like the salwar kameez suits, the floor length anarkali came and totally conquered the fashion world!

Floor-skimming and graceful, it flatters each body type with a regal look that is unmatched. Come to think of it, anarkalis have always been part of our chequered fashion history. Right from our beautiful queens to modern day stylish fashionistas, nobody could quite escape the charm of the floor length anarkalis.

The Different Styles of Floor Length Anarkalis

The beauty of the anarkalis is obviously its elegance; anyone can wear it and feel stunning, that too effortlessly! But the anarkali has also seen several changes! It is no longer staid and mundane! It has been tempered with modernity, though it has retained its innate charm. Here we will discuss the myriad versions of the gorgeous anarkali.

  1. The Jacket Style- The jacket style anarkali is what is hooking both the youngsters and the young at hearts’. The jackets are long and they give a structured look to the whole scheme of things. Whether they are heavily embroidered or plain, they just manage to turn up the fashion fervor in more ways than one. Floor length anarkali suits can give any other garment a run for its money.
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  1. The Bottom Wear- Floor length anarkalis has to be paired with the right bottom wear to enhance its inherent appeal. Be it palazzos or culottes it can give your outfit the right accompaniment it deserves. Long and flowy, this kind of bottom wear is diametrically opposite to the skinny and uncomfortable pants, that was so much in vogue, some time Thank God! The eighties have made a strong comeback as far as the fashion is concerned.The more flared the bottom wear the more fashionable really. The bell-bottoms are back with a bang!
  1. The Top Wear- The anarkali can be changed into various styles! Right from cold shoulders, to thigh high slits, the trends are changing and how! If you have a high side slit, ensure you wear the right bottom wear with that. You can wear trousers with the kurta to give it a different kind of look, a fusion one that stands tall amidst a crowd. You must own one of the floor length anarkali dresses in your wardrobe to get ready for the festive season.
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  1. Asymmetrical Anarkali – If the base is even, it is boring because fashion trend says that asymmetrical anarkalis is the best bet to look relevant in the fashion arena. Yes, most of the time the front portion of the hem is short whereas the bottom portion at the back trails back much like those trails you see with gowns. Smart trousers complete the look. We love the idea of a red asymmetrical anarkali with a metallic colored pant, say a gold or bronze! Stuff fashion dreams are made of. The higher the hem in the front, the more stylish it is really!
  1. Different Fabric Different Looks-Anarkalis, as we have already mentioned, can be worn on a number of occasions! Say, if you are meeting with your friends over a cup of coffee, on a sultry afternoon, it is imperative you wear a cotton anarkali, or a linen one, in fact, a white or beige anarkali with bright pants like yellow or mustard or even electric blue will look great.
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If you are off to a party think more ornate like silks, jacquards, velvet it will up the oomph factor to a great extent. These are the latest floor length anarkali suits, which is a must include in your wardrobe if you want to keep abreast with the ever-changing trends.

  1. Pakistani Anarkali Suits- Pakistani anarkali suits are unique in their own ways. They are beautifully adorned with embroidery, Swarovski, beads or other stone works. They are lovely and look beautiful and timeless. You can wear this for formal occasions and you will lose the count of the number of compliments coming your way.
  1. A Gown Like Anarkali- These anarkali suits look closer to a gown. Clinched right under the bust line, the rest of the garment flows beautifully, these floor length anarkali online are definitely a must include for your party wardrobe. The silhouette is very comfortable yet the outfit looks very gorgeous.
  1. Cape Style Anarkali- You will miss out on something trendy if you do not add cape style anarkalis to your scheme of things. Capes can look like a dainty poncho either sheer or ornately embroidered it adds the right degree of subtleness to your outfit. Cape anarkali suits are ruling the roost now, and it is not going anytime soon.
  1. Bridal Anarkali Suits- Bridal anarkali suits are beautifully designed, the colors are plush, and so is the embroidery or embellishments. A bride deserves to look her best on the Day and decidedly she will want to wear something that will highlight her beauty and her charm. A bridal anarkali gives her that aura which she rightfully deserves. Her hair, her makeup should all complement her regal outfit. Since it is a once in a lifetime experience make sure you splurge on a designer floor length anarkali.
  1. Bollywood Anarkali Suits- We are all heavily inspired by the Bollywood divas who strut their stuff on the silver screens. The floor length anarkali designs are ornate and encrusted with stones, Swarovski, Gota Patti work, sequins and so on. These lend a regal look to your floor length anarkali suits.

So now that you are aware of the stylish trends doing the rounds in the fashion world make sure you make a beeline to the nearby shops in your neighborhood or buy online!  You need to give your wardrobe a complete rehaul, so that you are ready for the upcoming party season.

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