Why Self Grooming Is Important to Your Fashion Style and Overall Appeal

November 4, 2017

Let’s face it, fashion and style is an area of concern for people from different parts of this world. Men, women and children, everyone is covered with the millions of fashions blogs out there. But the question is, are grooming tips being covered as much? Unfortunately not!

This post is therefore one of its kind; looking to help the men who love fashion and style to also embrace self grooming as part of their everyday lives. So, what exactly does grooming mean for the men? Well, grooming is all about taking a shower every day, brushing your teeth daily, shaving your pubic hair, wearing deodorant, and dressing smart.

Some men out there tend to do a commendable job when it comes to the dressing part and pay very little attention to the other grooming practices. The truth of the matter is that looking fashionable and stylish is not enough when you have unkempt hair, body odor, ashaggy beard, you name it. It quite unfortunate that men end up making such terrible grooming mistakes that even wearing the trendiest outfits or the most expensive ones cannot right their mistakes.

Common Grooming Mistakes that Men make

  • Unkempt Mustaches (or beards) – Don’t get me wrong, a ‘stache’ is fine and so is a big beard. However, messy ones are a big no and in fact an insult to the lovers of fashion. So keep it clean and kempt.
  • Messy eyebrows – If you are into fashion and style, then you know that brows are not just for the women to worry about but also for the men. Fact is, man or woman, we all use the eyebrows to express a wide range of emotions.
    Therefore, keeping them perfectly defined will actually make you look better. You will also be able express your emotions more clearly and better with well kempt eyebrows. So, whether you are doing it at home or taking a trip to your beauty parlor, ensure that your brows are clearly-defined at all times.
  • Nose and ear hair – To cut to the chase, nose and ear hair is gross. So, men to ensure that people concentrate on how handsome you look, rather than staring at the hair in your nose and ears; trim them. It literally takes less than a minute to get rid of that hair. In fashion and style, the general rule of thumb for nose and ear hairs is clear-cut: the ends should never be visible

  • Unkempt hair – Your hair plays a very major part in your first impression. Believe it or not, as much as people will look at your face and your choice of clothes (or shoes), they will also look at your hair. And trust me, there is nothing as attractive as a man who is well groomed.
  • Poorly Groomed pubic hair – In as much as the pubic area is not visible to the public eye, it is important that you keep those areas clean and well groomed. Not for anyone’s sake (not even your lover), but for your own sake. Make it a habit to trim your pubic hair from time to time because at the end of the day, personal hygiene is important.
  • Scruffy finger and tore nails–Just like it is for the women, it is important for men not to underestimate the power of clean and trimmed toe and fingernails. They play a big role when making a positive first impression. Therefore, it is important for men to consider getting a professional manicure and pedicure as part of their grooming procedures.
  • Body odor – Every man knows that taking a shower daily is important. And because there are people who are sweatier than others, it is best for you to always wear deodorant or cologne before leaving the house in the morning. However, you should not wear the strongest perfume in the market because you sweat a lot or you did not shower. Strong colognes and deodorants will actually push people away from you.

Why Is Grooming Important for Men?

In this modern era, where fashion and style is as important to our lives as food and shelter, personal grooming plays a major role in our lives. However, for years grooming has been something that only women are obsessed with. But if truth be told, self grooming should be for anyone and everybody; man, woman or child.

Here are four reasons why you should shave and groom daily as a man. (Please) read on…

  • Self-grooming is necessary for a better present and future in this rivalry time – Self grooming mainly deals with overall appearance. So, if you are not well groomed, you will have an issue associating and relating with other people. At the end of the day, your presence will be felt depending on how good you look and feel.
  • Self grooming will bring out your inner personality – People say that it is hard to judge a book by its cover. In as much as that is right, you can help people understand your inner self better through self grooming.
  • Self grooming will make you stand out – Self grooming is not something that men sweat over. Therefore, choosing to be unique and actually keeping yourself tidy and clean will definitely make you shine among others.
  • Self grooming boosts your overall health – Untidiness might lead to health deterioration. For instance, not brushing your teeth can lead to tooth decay and mouth odors. This will definitely affect your oral health and hygiene. Basically, keeping yourself clean and tidy will reduce the chances of getting infections and diseases.

In conclusion, grooming for men is very essential. It will not just make you ‘the man of the day’ but also help shape your future in a lot of ways. Make sure that you right the above mentioned mistakes and be sure to dress smart. On the whole, spending some extra time grooming yourself will make a whole lot of a difference in your overall style and fashion appeal.

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