Why designer wedding sarees are fast gaining popularity

December 29, 2015

The saree and a wedding don’t exist without each other. The two have to be present for the wedding to take place. Today, there are many options to choose from when it comes to Indian wedding wear. It is unique and holds special meaning to the ceremony. For any person who has been to an Indian wedding, the saree is always in mind when someone mentions a wedding in Indian culture.

For most brides, finding the saree is usually the most hectic process. You have to go window shopping for different designs and at the end of the day, make a choice of the design you like most. After you narrow down on the details you want however, do not buy it immediately.

Compare with a designer sarees online. In some cases it may just be slightly higher than the cost of the ready-made saree. So why not get a designer one? If the cost is much higher than you have, there is nothing wrong with the ready-made saree as its quality is good. Buy the saree and enjoy it.

The designer age

We are in an age where having everything designer is what every woman wants and that does not leave out the sarees. Unlike most sarees which are made with elegant details, the designer pieces come with even more detailed embellishments, some of which are hand crafted.

Their designs have caught the eyes of many potential brides as they do not stand a chance when compared to ordinary party sarees. With that aside, what are reasons why they have become overwhelmingly popular?

  1. Most sarees come in specific colors and fabrics which are still highly valued in Indian culture. The designers have created sarees that come in bold and eye-catching colors which every bride wants. ,
  2. The new designs are light in weight and even after embellishment and addition of other ornaments; they are still comfortable to wear for long hours.
  3. Addition of threadwork and other unique designs to the already bold saree makes it an art work worthy of every bride in the world. They create a contemporary feature on the traditional saree without altering its cultural significance.
  4. Wedding sarees, like Banarasi among others, cost a fortune due to the intricate designs. With all the different designs, the designer saree comes in a range of affordable prices for the same quality features unlike the previous designers. The best part about the designer sarees is that their cost effectiveness does not show explicitly as compared to the saree itself.

The designer saree is a fashion piece and you can find various designers who have interpreted the saree concept. You have many options to choose from in the growing trend of sarees. If you can have the saree made for you by the designer, it is important to tell them the ideas you have in mind and the features you want included in the saree. It will make you more confident when you wear it.

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