Why Blonde Hair Color is first choice for Hollywood Celebs

January 5, 2013

While some are born with naturally gold colored hair, others never mind spending a fortune in getting their hair dyed in blond tone. This has become the untold saga of Hollywood since decades. Though brunettes, red heads and blacks are found in Hollywood, blonds occupy the major share of the tinsel town! There must be reasons that are authentic enough to suggest this fanaticism for blond hair color in Hollywood. Let us find that out.

Blonde Hair Color Girl

Why Blonde Hair Color is first choice for Hollywood Celebs

Sun plays well with blond hair

Although this might sound funny, sun seems to play with blond hair. The sun rays that fall on black, brown, red and blond hairs reflect colors of different tones to make the facial feature more impressive. This is at its heights with blond and makes the fortunate blond headed person look stunning. Thus, this is the primary reason why blond hair is a raging vogue of Hollywood celebrities.

Highlights look best

Hairstyles keep on changing along with highlights and fashion colors. We probably learn to highlight our hair in different hues just like our on screen role models from Hollywood do. Now this is an amazing fact that highlights that feature bright tones of pink, green, orange, blue, red and yellow do not look at so distinct and breathtaking with any other color like blond. Therefore, crave for blond hair can be understood from this quintessential feature of the tone.

Harmonizes with skin tone

While most Hollywood celebrities have white skin, only a handful of them have just a tinge of brown in them. Skin color like this has a natural visual harmony when blond predominates as hair color. Therefore, in order to maintain this natural demand of the skin tone for blond hair color many Hollywood celebrities are either preferring to maintain their blond tresses or planning to replace their natural hair color with this tone.

Combines with every dress color

While red colored head might look too dramatic with a black colored party dress that is heavily embellished with spangles, serious looking black and white formal clothes when worn by a person with black hair may look too ordinary. Hollywood celebrities cannot risk their image with either of the options. Hence, majority of them prefer to choose blond tone in place of browns, blacks and reds. Blond maintains the ‘glossy’ look needed by the tinsel town stars without making it look too gaudy.

Grey remains hidden

Although we cannot expect to find gray hairs in our favorite Hollywood celebrities, one thing needs to be mentioned here regarding blond hair color – grey strands cannot be located among a head full of blond hair! So, this may be a probable reason for this perennial passion for blond hair color as age cannot be challenged by anybody, whether celebrities or ordinary masses like us.

There are functional as well as aesthetic qualities of blond tone that other colors do not have. This makes it the choicest shade of majority of the Hollywood celebrities when things concern selection of their hair color.

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