White Wedding Bands for Men

March 8, 2014

Most of the men never really wear any piece of jewelry but they got to wear a wedding band anyway. The wedding ring is the most important thing to be purchased for wedding because one can get married without a wedding suit but not without a wedding band.

Following the latest trends we have moved on from gold to other white metals like platinum, titanium, tungsten, stainless steel and others. The white men’s wedding bands look more macho rather than yellow glossy ones. Another perk of selecting white wedding bands is their low costs, although there are expensive white metals too. While purchasing a men’s wedding band, make sure it is comfortable of all as it has to be worn for life.

carbon black tungsten

carbon black tungsten

Top hot white wedding bands for men are:

  • Platinum wedding bands

Platinum is one the most expensive metals, it is even more valuable than gold. As the white wedding bands for men are now the latest craze, for that platinum occupies the highest place as the most prestigious metal for men’s wedding bands. Platinum has a natural gloss which is forever lasting. This metal is rust resistant, long lasting and strong. Platinum has proven to be the finest metal to get engraved. It suits all skin types as it is one of the hypo- allergic metals.

  • Titanium wedding bands

Titanium wedding bands have been desirable for years. Its light weight and hypo- allergic property makes it the most comfortable type of wedding bands. Titanium is highly resistant against the corrosion normally causes by sea water or chlorine and other chemicals, that makes the wedding bands made from titanium highly suitable for swimmers and sea surfers.
Titanium men’s wedding bands are designed in various styles like:
Classic titanium men’s bands are usually designed into a circular shape with a smooth and glossy finish.
Sable titanium bands are silky finished.
Frost titanium bands have a frozen condensation appearance.

  • Tungsten wedding bands

The wedding bands made from tungsten are stylish, tough, affordable and comfortable. In regards of hardness, it is as strong as a diamond. The men’s wedding bands are often made of tungsten carbide which is a mixed form of tungsten and carbon. Tungsten carbide bands are dark grey in color and can be polished to mirror-finish. Tungsten is cheaper than other metals. The strong textured tungsten wedding bands are more masculine than simple gold or silver wedding bands. Do be sure you look at myths about tungsten carbide rings, there are some good facts to know about with these types of rings. Tungsten is durable and strongly resistant against scratches, so say the least.

  • Stainless steel wedding bands

Stainless steel men’s wedding bands have become extremely popular. You can find tons of designs in stainless steel men’s wedding bands at the market, like plain bands or stoned with diamond and other precious stones. It is an excellent choice for men with sensitive skin as it has a hypo- allergic property. It can be polished to an intensely shiny finish. Its resistant nature lets it keep the scratch-free polishing for years. The simple and light stainless steel men’s band is a perfect choice as wedding bands as it will be easy to keep-on forever.

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