Where To Find Stunning Indian Wedding Jewellery

February 27, 2014

When your wedding day finally comes around, you’ll want to look and feel beautiful, and you can do this by accessorising your dress or wedding saree with stunning Indian wedding jewellery. Before you start looking for your jewellery, make sure you know what kind of jewellery you want to style.

Beautiful Bride in Stunning Indian Wedding Jewellery Images, Pictures, Photos, Wallpapers

Beautiful Bride in Stunning Indian Wedding Jewellery

Wedding Jewellery Inspiration

There are lots of different types of stunning jewellery you can fashion on your wedding day, depending on how much you want to wear and how traditional you are planning your wedding on being. Have a look at the following different types of wedding jewellery you could potentially wear in order to add that little special touch to your wedding outfit.


Antique wedding jewellery is in recent years, a growing popularity amongst soon to be brides. Not only is antique jewellery beautiful, it is a genuine aspect of the brides traditional, cultural origin, especially if it has been handed down through family members. Antique jewellery will be fragile, which means you will have to be extra careful when and where you wear it. Because of it’s age, antique jewellery will generally have a faded and dulled look to it, and it can really be a little gem in adding to your special day.


Beaded jewellery and bead art has been a tradition for around 5 thousand years in India, and dates back to the time of Indus Valley Civilisation. Beads would have been made out of gold, silver, copper, clay, ivory and sometimes wood. New beads are generally made out of similar materials depending on how much you spend, but the great thing about them is that you can wearing shiny new beads yet still sticking to tradition.

Custom Made

As a bride, you are also able to have your jewellery uniquely designed and custom made by a craftsman, which is perfect if you know exactly what you want. This also means that your custom jewellery is completely unique to anything else on the market, and this adds a more special kind of characteristic beauty to a bride on their wedding day.

Traditional Bridal

Indian jewellery art has always been separated into three general sections, Temple, Spiritual and Bridal. Bridal jewellery has always used expensive and superior metals which were of highest quality possible. Nowadays, bridal jewellery is predominantly made from gold silver and platinum. Kundan jewellery is a form of bridal jewellery, but it is studded with semi-precious stones. Kundan is very traditional yet still popular, and has always been a sign of wealth in India.

Great Wedding Jewellery Sites

The following are some websites you can visit to find your perfect wedding jewellery. Follow the link for beautiful wedding jewellery inspiration http://www.hitched.co.in/wedding-pictures/jewelry/ .

Kyles Collection

Kyles collection is a great website for finding your perfect designer wedding jewellery, and features both traditional and contemporary bridal jewellery for you to choose from.


Website, Mirraw, has a wide selection of Indian bridal jewellery to choose from, ranging from all different materials, colours and types.

UTSAV Fashion

Utsav Fashion is another excellent source to find beautiful wedding jewellery you’ll love. Choose from the large array of various types of jewellery, and find your ultimate bridal jewellery to put the finishing touch on top of your perfect wedding day.

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