When Self Expression Meets Dressing to Impress

February 16, 2019

Life comes with an endless number of experiences and influences that help make up who you are, and there are a number of ways to express the person you’ve become. Creative outlets have been sought out since the beginning of time for one to express themselves, such as music, poetry, dance, etc.. One of the most expressive outlets one person can display is through their clothing. Clothing gives us a chance to express ourselves everyday whether that’s in bold colors, unique styles, or silently with detailed accessories. However, the hard part comes when we have to maintain a professional appearance, but also want to avoid losing our self-expression. This is a huge deal because, as they say, first impressions are everything.

When Self Expression Meets Dressing to Impress

When it comes to honing in on the right style for these occasions, it’s very easy to get flustered. This is especially true when that hunt means searching numerous clothing stores with the hopes of finding one thing that stands out while we’re being as picky as possible. Unfortunately, most of us begin this process a little too late to feel like we’re not rushing and that often causes compromising or even a lack of confidence in the decisions we’ve made in our clothing. This is the time you need to look at https://www.modvisor.com/. Modvisor is a site where you can shop from different stores all in one place. 

Standing Out

Now, unless you’re going for that cookie cutter look everyone in that corporate building has achieved, you’re going to need to do something better to impress and stand out from every other candidate applying for the same position you’re fighting for.

With the amazing and unique fashion stores out now, you already have a platform set up for you to get ahead of the curve. Stores like Michael Kors will keep you looking high-end stylish while giving you enough creative room to make the style your own. For women, Michael Kors offers designer handbags where you can find a color or design to go with any outfit in any color. For men, Michael Kors offers seasonal collections that will add a level of sophistication to any man. Not to mention their incredible inventory of watches, which is one of the most essential add-ons for a man who is dressed to impress. On the flip side, Fashion Nova offers a more budget-friendly chic and sophisticated collection for both men and women that want to steal the show.

However, simply finding spectacular clothes that you like is not the only element to being well dressed while maintaining your own self-expression. Without properly putting pieces together, any outfit thrown on might as well come out of the dollar store. As the saying goes, the clothes don’t make the man (or woman) but the man (or woman) makes the clothes. This is where your creativity must come into play to really bring it home, for men especially.

Final Words

Men, the way you choose to express yourself is entirely your prerogative, but I would strongly suggest that you really put thought into this one. Remember, the goal here is to impress your future boss, not the man in the mirror. Think of all the men you’ve ever seen well dressed for formal events. When you think it over, what you admired about their outfit probably had less to do with the clothes themselves and more to do with the actual presentation and the way they carried themselves. GQ embodies what it truly means to pull it all together when it’s all said and done, and with that being said, fellas, take notes.

Ladies, women’s clothing is accompanied by endless designs and styles, but standing out is not the issue here. Your battle is that you ultimately have the daunting task of making a plethora of choices come together well. As many of you already know, one step too far is easily made, but that one steps also walks on the fine line of creative trend setting. With that being said, you also must put your time and effort into pulling off an amazing yet professional look. 

Remember, a great professional look is infused with a bit of creativity and self-expression. Now, go out there and make the best first impression possible!

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