What your sleeping position says about you.

December 24, 2018

Did you know how you sleep says a lot about your personality? Sleep specialists at the UK Sleep Assessment and Advisory Center led by Prof.Chris Idzikowski identified some sleeping positions and how they reflect on one’s personality. 

Let’s see what your sleep position says about you. We have picked from Prof. Idzikowski study as well as a few more to help you understand what our sleep position says about you.

  • Fetal position

This is the most common sleep position with more women preferring the position. Imagine the fetus in the womb. The fetal position means you sleep curled up on your side with the legs bent. Such individuals appear very tough when you first meet them but are actually very sensitive and introverted. The tough exterior is just a defense mechanism. They take time to open up to people but once they do, they are able to relax and be comfortable around them.

This seems to be the most comfortable position with up to 41% choosing the position. The study further reveals that more women than men sleep in the position. If you like this sleeping position then curl up on the left side, it is a recommended sleeping position and will protect your vital organs. A good mattress and pillow will go a long way in ensuring your comfort. It is also the best position for pregnant women.

  • Side sleepers with arms down by their side (Logs)

Logs lay on their sides with the legs straight out and arms by their sides. Log sleepers are social and even-tempered who may prefer to be with elite company. They are gullible because of their trusting nature.

The position keeps your leg and back in alignment thus great for leg and neck pain.

  • Side sleepers with arms out (Yearner/Reacher)

Yearners sleep like they are reaching for something. They tend to be open to new things but can be cynical and suspicious which makes them a kind of paradox.  They may come across as weak or indecisive because they take a long time to make decisions. They weigh every option before reaching a decision. But, because their decisions are so carefully thought out, they rarely change their mind.

The yearner will benefit from good back support, get a good mattress or pillow that follows the curve of your spine.  Using a pillow will also reduce any kind of discomfort including numbness in the arms and shoulders.

  • Back  with both arms at your side (soldier)

Back sleepers tend to be Type A personalities. Structured, strong, and confident, they hold themselves and other people to high standards. Some may view them as aloof but they just don’t want to fuss.  

Back sleepers need to be careful though because back sleeping can lead to complications, like breathing problems and snoring.  If you are a back sleeper, you need to invest in good sleeping aids like mattress in a box to ensure you get proper alignment for your back and neck resulting in proper sleep.

  • Back sleeping with both arms by the side of your head (Starfish)

Starfish are very likable characters. They are loyal, good listeners and make very good friends and are always willing to lend a hand. They, however, will keep away from the limelight. You may not enjoy sleeping in one bed with them because they do hog the bed, but that just speaks towards their carefree personality.

The position makes them prone to snoring although it may help with acid reflux. A pillow under the head in a slightly propped up position will help with the breathing. A good mattress will offer good back support.

  • Back sleeping with arms wrapped around your head (The Stargazer)

The stargazer has a happy-go-lucky and strong personality. The fact that they can sleep in such a vulnerable position means that they still see good in the world around them.  Social, easy going, imaginative and romantic are words that describe them. They can, however, be stubborn and like to be the center of attention. They also tend to be people pleasers and will go out of their way to make their friends a priority.

The position does come with the issues of back sleepers like snoring and breathing issues. A pillow and good mattress should provide some relief.

  • Stomach sleeper, head turned to one side and arms up around the pillow (Freefall)

Freefallers are brash, confident and the life of the party. They are however prickly fellows who take criticism personally because they are very thin skinned. You may need to tread carefully around them and chose how you communicate with them. 

Stomach sleeping  is wonderful for digestion. You may, however, want to take care of your neck and back as it may crunch the muscles around the areas.  It can also lead to air blockage making it difficult for you to breath.

  • Pillow hugger

Do you sleep with your limbs wrapped around your pillow?  Pillow huggers like cuddles and cherish relations. They may, therefore, come across as needy because of their constant need for bodily contact. A good pillow that conforms to the shape of the body is all they need for a good night’s sleep.

  • The thinker

Much like the fetal position, the thinker will rest his hand on his chin like he or she is lost in deep thought. Thinkers are volatile people whose emotions run high on either extreme.

What about couples?

How a couple sleeps is an indicator of the strength of their relations. When a couple spoons or intertwines, it shows new love where there is still a lot of excitement in being around each other. As the relationship matures the spoon becomes looser. Now here is the shocker, couples who do not touch each other while sleeping have a strong connection and are comfortable with each other’s independence.

Sleeping positions do change but each person has his/her predominant position that they prefer.  Does your sleeping position reflect your personality?

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