What to Wear in a Business Meeting for Women?

September 20, 2012

It is hard for women to choose clothes in their wardrobe every time they wake up in the morning. But it’s even harder when there is a formal event, occasion and meeting. In attending business meetings, there are two considerations to note apparently. We must admit that when it comes to sales, women are the best. But do you think wearing something daring will help make the cut? Should you wear something that’s revealing or strictly conventional modest business attire during business meetings? In this article, we will tackle on some tips on tops and bottoms to wear in a business meeting.

Tips for Your Top:

See through Tops and Plunging Necklines wear

1. No See-through

You can save your see-through tops for late night parties with your friends and work mates after work. In a business environment, you should not show off bad impressions such as revealing your undergarments through your see-through blouse. This type of material will only catch the attention of those present in the meeting and they will tend to focus on it more than the discussion or the presentation. See-through tops will not only see through your skin inside but also the professional image you’re trying to convey—that will provide some damage to the company or group you are a part of.

2. No Plunging Necklines

This has to be rule number one: you should not show you cleavage. If you are trying to look sexy in front of your clients, you can have it in another way. Dress classy and opt for the standard suit, button-down polo or well-tailored blouse with a well-suited jacket or blazer.

3. Wear Conservative Colors and Patterns

Neutrals and monochromatic tones such as gray, black, white, navy and brown are your best bets for these are the standard colors in business attire. For professional women, wearing black for business meetings is seen as most acceptable. Do not make a personal statement expressing your passion for red, orange and neon-colored polka dots and extreme bold prints. Wide stripes and high sheen fabrics also are way too distracting for business colleagues’ eyes.

Tips for Your Bottom:

Short Skirts and Jeans

1. No Capri Pants

You are not coming from a weekend date with your boyfriend. Neither are you coming from a casual family event. When you go to a business meeting, especially the formal ones, project an image of success. Capri pants even when made with tailored, wrinkle-free material are a no-no. Stay away as well from pants with hem slightly reaching the floor. The right length of your pants should end tad below your ankles.

2. No Short Skirts

A-line and pencil skirts are the most recommended if you are thinking of wearing a skirt for the business meeting. Invest in high-quality skirts that will match your top so you can wear them together with many other outfits. Again, the length here is important. To know if you got the right length of skirt, sit on a chair and cross your legs. If you can see too much of your thighs, the skirt is too short. Opt for the one which can cover your knees or slightly above the knee level. Wear a pantyhose or stockings that complement your skin tone, to help your colleagues steer away from diverting their attention to your legs. Some business skirts have slits. Make sure that the slit is just small (not higher than the back of your knees) and centered at the back. Also, tight skirts are never appropriate. If you can’t walk or go up and down the stairs comfortably then wear a pair of nice-fitting pants instead.

3. No Jeans

If you have wash days (usually during Fridays when your company allows you to wear casual attire) but have to attend a business meeting, just stick to wearing slacks. If you’re working from home or attending a client call for a meeting, then you can wear anything to suit your favor. But once you step out of the house, limit the Fridays when you’ll jump off wearing jeans because jeans are really not a good sight in a business or office environment.


You may not be working in the fabric, textiles, or fashion industry. But facing your work colleagues and clients in business meetings will show your personality and character which also reveal the company that you represent. There will be gossip trends as well in the business world and issues on your outfits. Dressing for professionalism is still your best call to get noticed in a good way. Follow these critical protocols above and serve as a model to your company.

Author bio:

+Rachel Martins is a Make up Artist, she is a freelance Hair Care Specialist. She is also as passionate advocate of preserving mother earth.

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