What Shoppers Look for in Shopping Bags

January 24, 2014

What do shoppers look for in shopping bags? Their shopping of course! On a more serious note, shopping bags are hardly just bags containing shopping; they’re promotional items that say something important about the customer who shops at the store in question and the store itself.

Have you noticed how shoppers love to flaunt their shopping bags with some probably holding onto them far longer is necessary – couldn’t they have put them in the car?  They could have but they don’t want to because they’re making a statement about themselves, their personal taste in fashion, social status and spending power by flaunting their shopping bags.

Therefore, it can safely be said that shopping bags are about fashion, image, interests and a wealth of other considerations that business owners need to take into account when having shopping bags and other promotional items – shopping bags are among the most important promotional items retail businesses invest in – designed and produced.

What Shoppers Look for in Shopping Bags

What Shoppers Look for in Shopping Bags

Four considerations for retailers

Before contacting a designer or manufacturer of promotional items like shopping bags to create promotional items for your retail business, give some thought to the following four considerations pertaining to branding – the process of creating a unique image in the minds of consumers that connects to your store.

  1. How do you want consumers to see your store?
  2. Who’s your current customer base and target audience?
  3. Is your branding and marketing message consistent?
  4. Is your store image consistent with that of your website?

By addressing these four questions you’re well on the way to effectively branding your retail business and you’ll find it far easier to design and produce shopping bags that attract the attention of your target audience.

Shopping bags that stand out and get noticed

It’s likely that you’ve been exposed to some of the ultra-cool shopping bags that have been posted on Facebook and other social networking websites for no other reason than the fact that they are so cool.

Whilst we don’t see so many of these bags in person when wandering down the high street or in the local shopping centre, they’re out there and your retail business, provided that you go about branding the right way, could be the centre of attention simply because your store has really cool bags that capture the attention of passers-by, and maybe not only locally either.

The Ann Summers Kinky Whip shopping bag designed by guerrillaguru is a good example of a shopping bag that not only stands out and gets noticed but also reflects the products the retailer specialises in, in this case underwear and accessories.

The ASPE Crime Stories Bag is another good example of this – their shopping bag features a gun as a handle so the bearer looks like he/she’s carrying a revolver – because it attracts attention and reflects the nature of the purchase.

Stop’n Grow’s Nailbiter bags are eye-catching, hilarious and sum up their products in a nutshell. This is another excellent example of what retail businesses should be trying to achieve with the shopping bags they have designed and manufactured.

Compete with bigger retailers

There are numerous reasons why retailers have shopping bags designed by cutting edge designers and manufactured by cost effective manufacturers of shopping bags, teardrop banners and other promotional items, though one of the most commonly cited is to better compete with bigger retailers.

Effective branding helps smaller businesses to corner their niche of the market and attract the attention of their intended target audience, so if that’s something you want for your retail business you’ll view shopping bags as something much more than just packaging.

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