What Exactly Do Fashion Stylists Do?

May 30, 2016

When we turn the pages of fashion magazines, watch fashion shows or music videos, we get to see the glitter and the dazzle that is the fashion world. We see beautifully dressed men and women whose clothes seem to fit them without flaw. As we gape at these stunning creations, we are bound to be amazed and to think that everything seems to fit them perfectly!The use of clothes, shoes and accessories to create a certain style that reflects attractive and flawless visual images is thanks to fashion stylists who work behind the scenes. So what exactly is a fashion stylist’s job?

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Basically,a fashion stylist has the responsibility to communicate fashion through visual images. As such, it is important to have a great sense of style and the impeccable ability to enhance the positive values of the people he/she dresses, to match each outfit with each occasion, to make it suitable and trendy at the same time, and to support the kind of image that the person wants to project.Moreover, the stylist has the responsibility for selecting the look of the models where clothing and accessories are utilized to match the theme during photoshoots. For these instances, the stylist must prepare a variety of outfits. Part of the job is to make ample research on collections that can be used for the event and contacting PR’s to check on the availability of the items.

The career of a fashion stylist usually begins with a specific type of degree from a fashion school like IstitutoMarangoni. Fashion courses do teach a lot, but it is a never-ending learning process that involves researching fabrics, clothing creation and pairing fashion accessories while keeping up with the various fashion designers. One must also attend fashion shows to see the latest fashion trends proposed by different brands.

It is also part of the job to work and to consult with other professionals in the fashion industry such as designers, tailors, models and photographers in order to come up with a unified decision to achieve the theme. Throughout the process, the stylist is also required to provide creative inputs, to make research on visual conceptions, and to propose interesting outfits that have been found during this research. A fashion stylist’s job also includes making fashion predictions or spotting new trends.

When it comes to celebrity styling, a stylist works with a celebrity on a regular basis where he/she is responsible for creating outfits forspecial events as well as for daily attires. For this particular area, it is the stylist’s job to know the celebrity’s brand relationships, if there are any. It is also his responsibility to know all current trends in fashion and the kind of message or image the celebritywants to show.

The entiredazzle that surrounds the fashion world may make a fashion stylist’s job one of the most coveted in this environment, but it is not all glamour. It is a job that requires most of your time. Part of the job may include steaming and ironing garments, arranging outfits during fashion shows, shopping with a celebrity client whenever needed, which can be all the time…You have to deal with celebrity tantrums and demands as well. You will also be the one to talk down or incorporate clients’ fashion opinions. It is a work that requires dedication and long hours. Sometimes you wake up in the wee hours of the morning and go to bed in the wee hours of the morning, if at all. And you will also be responsible for transferring outfits and accessories to all parts of the world wherever the event might be. Still, it is a very requested

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