What Every Stylish Man Needs in His Arsenal

March 2, 2013

What makes a guy particularly stylish and cool isn’t necessarily what he’s wearing that’s visible or what kind of chic hairstyle he has, but rather what he has in his pocket.  Seriously.  The wallet is the piece of equipment that just about every guy has.  You never leave home without it and it holds the keys to your daily essentials.  Most guys almost have it commonplace to just grab it and go without any thought because it’s so ingrained into them.  So, we’ve established that wallets are the guy’s best friend.  So, now what kind of style are we looking for?

Well, all of that depends on what kind of look you’re going for.  Is it a laid back look you want, or is a stylish more sophisticated look you want?  In either case, leather wallets are the ticket and there are a lot of them from the bifold kind to the trifold.  There are also nice dark brown or deep black colors – and everything in between.  Leather accessories speak volumes about people and where they are as far as society is concerned.  Not only that, there are plenty of things to like about leather in regard to their physical appearance.

Black Leather Wallet

The Looks of Leather

First of all, leather has a solid look to it.  Some leather, depending on its finish, has a nice shine and glean to it, giving it an extra sense of sophistication to it.  For certain people just looking at leather has its value in and of itself. It looks great and has a nice finish to it.  Look at other wallet fabrics.  Fabrics like corduroy or pleather (there’s probably approximately 10 percent of real leather in it) look ratty and depending on the angle, really worn.

Even after years of use, a genuine leather wallet still should maintain its worth in looks (and smell in some cases).  For all intents and purposes the wallet will go through tremendous stress and use every day, even if you decide to stay at home.  No self-respecting person should have a wallet that looks worn out and dried out due to maximum usage.

Genuine custom leather wallets or regular leather wallets shouldn’t fade, tear, rip, or come apart too easily. Believe me, it takes some work to do that with real leather.  Have you ever wondered by early “armour” was made out of leather?

The Durability of Leather

Durability is another thing to take careful consideration of.  Leather is probably one of the most durable accessory fabrics anywhere today.  It can take a lot of abuse and a lot of wear and tear, but even after all of that it still should hold its form and its looks for a long time.

Leather has been tested in just about all conditions known to man.  You see leather cases for phones, leather handbags, leather belts, and leather shoes. What’s the common thread in all of those?  They all last a long time, and rightfully so.  As far as the shelf life goes on a leather wallet, you are looking at an average of four years.  That’s a long time to have an accessory and you’ve instantly made your return on investment.

It’s common that your wallet will go through the washer and dryer a couple times.  You’ll also leave it in the car to bake or freeze. And at other times you’ll nonchalantly throw the wallet across the room.  Even so you still should have some nice and adequate durability that will last you a long time.

The Societal Aspects of Leather

Leather is a little more difficult to produce than corduroy or pleather. It’s also rarer in regards to other fabrics that you can get.  Leather is a prized fabric and throughout time it has proven to be a fabric that works under a lot of conditions.   The renaissance age was one of the first ages and periods to see leather in all its glory.  It was highly sought after by the elite and socialites back then.  It became little more accessible years later, but then became a hot commodity yet again when the upper echelon of society had it with easier access.

While it is a different time today, the nuance still holds true today.  Leather is for stylish people or those who want to be stylish – and there is nothing wrong with that.

Leather is not only durable and looks great, but there’s no better feeling to know that your money and personal belongings are in something that is long lasting and high in quality.  You can customize it, too, giving your leather wallet a little more gusto.  More and more people are doing it. Have your name, phone number, email, business – or whatever you want on it and make it quintessentially yours.

You won’t be hard pressed to find a wallet that fits your needs.  There are lots of customized leather wallets out there for your taking.

Author Bio:

Haley Soloman is a wallet store owner and makes her own wallets every year for friends and family.  Haley highly recommends getting a custom leather wallet as a gift for yourself or for friends because there is a personable touch to it and it will be long lasting.

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