What Doctors Look For When Choosing Their Stethoscopes?

September 12, 2014

One of the standard tools of the medical world is that of a stethoscope. Without this crucial tool, patients would have to try and explain a lot of different things that are simply not easy to put into words. For a doctor, this tool is everything, and for a nurse it can be a very important part of their repertoire. With that in mind, it becomes crucial to understand what doctors look for when purchasing their components. Picking one out is not a matter of just price, it’s a matter of something more important, and therefore should not be taken lightly. If a patient is not heard, with the stethoscopes of modern medicine, they very well could fall victim to a number of diseases that could be detected with the sound produced through their body.

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The Sound Matters

The number one thing that doctors look for when choosing best stethoscopes, is the sound. The sound is everything and the way it is picked up matters a great deal. Without this in place, things fall apart fast. Not only does a doctor need to pick up heartbeat, but they need to pick up breathing, and very intricate sounds through the chest and other areas. Basic models will pick up these sounds with relative ease, but more advanced models will have special components that will isolate sound through advancements in acoustic design. At the very first level, simple amplification is what doctors look for.

Deeper Sound Depends on Discipline

Medicine is not just one sided. There are a lot of intricate branches that are found within the medical community, and different doctors require different tools. For the specialist in oncology, for instance, looking for a more advanced option in terms of stethoscopes is important. They need to pick up very minute sounds at times, especially when it’s in regards to circulation and heart function. Others will listen for basic options, but depending on the discipline, the cost and technology that is found within the modern stethoscope becomes something completely different overall. Entry level solutions will not suffice here.

Durability Takes a Seat

Aside from the sound quality and the amplification, doctors look into the durability of their tools. If a tool doesn’t last the test of time, patients end up suffering overall. It becomes imperative to look for items that can last a long time, and can be used on a daily basis. Some doctors, especially those in the ER are going to be a bit more brutal with theirs, just because they will be flying through hallways and dealing with patients on the fly. EMT’s also require more durable options as they are on the field saving lives, and being first responders.

The above elements are just a few things that are looked for in regards to this standard tool. Every doctor, nurse, EMT and health care professional should get a solid solution. Entry level options are made best for students, but those that are working with patients on a regular basis, mid-range and high end options are best suited for the job.

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