What are the Hallmarks of a Quality Skincare Regime?

November 7, 2012

There are many people in the world who simply think that skincare is skincare. What those people haven’t yet grasped is that a high quality skincare regime is a world away from just your regular washing and moisturising morning and night. A quality skincare regime is more akin to a 24/7, total commitment to ensuring that your complexion looks clear and fresh at all times.

We looked at the hallmarks of such a skincare regime, giving top tips so you too can achieve the healthy skin and glowing complexion you always dreamed of having.

Quality Skincare Regime

Loyal Commitment

We mentioned a skincare regime being an around the clock commitment, and this is by far the biggest thing you need to understand. People who have a regular skincare regime will simply wash each morning and evening, moisturise sporadically and exfoliate when they remember that they are supposed to.

The quality skincare regime is about having military like timing. Your dedication is such that you shun your favourite TV show at 9pm because it is time to wash and moisturise, you only go to bars where the bathroom is clean and allows you to quickly use a facial wipe and re-apply concealer.

We’re not talking writing a schedule or anything – you can if it helps – but a relentless, ruthless drive for excellent skin will see you achieve excellent skin.

Quality Products

You need to know which are the best products on the market, so it is time to do a lot of thorough and diligent research into each area of your regime. Generally, there are enough quality brands out there so that you can get all of your essentials at the same place. At the very least, doing this means that your skin will adapt to the similar ingredients in each product and give you a great deal of consistency in your regime.

Quality products, remember, are not always necessarily the most expensive ones. Look for those with natural ingredients, or that are organic, primarily. They may be at the higher end of the price scale anyway, but be sure to investigate fully.

Beyond Cosmetics

What so many people fail to realise is that quality skincare goes far beyond the products you cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturise with. Again, the commitment aspect comes into play here. Is your commitment such that you are drinking your two litres of water each day? Are you eating blueberries, drinking green tea, and consuming other goods with high levels of antioxidants, all in the name of great looking skin?

A quality skincare regime is a long-term commitment, reaching far beyond one sole entity such as products or the foods you consume. Get everything right, and you will see the difference in your skin for years to come.

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