Wax out your way to a hair less flawless skin

July 24, 2014

Body and facial hair is something you really want to get rid of. There are many temporary hair removal methods available ranging from shaving, cream based, waxing, etc. of all the methods waxing is found to give you a long lasting effective where you can enjoy having a smooth hair free skin for up to four-six weeks. Frequent waxing also leads to lesser hair as waxing leads to pulling of hair right from its roots. Most of the other methods leave your skin rough or spiky with hair emerging within a week or so. All these aspects associated with hot wax Clapham makes it the most preferred hair removal method where you have temporary yet long lasting results.

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Strip wax and strip less wax or hot wax: the two kinds of waxing methods

Hot wax Clapham strip less wax is believed to be slightly less painful and pulls the hair from its roots. In strip less wax method, the hot wax is applied as a thick layer on the skin and allowed to slightly dry. The dried wax is peeled from the skin without using any strip or cloth. Strip less wax is also believed to promote skin hydration gives you a longer hair re-growth period where hair takes a longer time to grow back. It is idea for removing hair from sensitive areas like the underarms, bikini line, etc.

Unlike strip less wax a thin layer of wax is applied on the skin in strip waxing technique and a strip or cloth is used to pull the wax and hair. The strip is ripped from the opposite direction of hair growth. Strip wax is ideal for thicker hair and for not so sensitive area like arms, legs, back, etc.

Area specific waxing techniques

The general rule of the thumb would be strip less wax for fine hair and strip wax for thicker hair.  Strip less wax clings to hair while strip wax clings to skin, thus strip-less wax is slightly less painful. But strip waxing is best for thick hair. Moreover there is no gain without pain.

Strip wax for arms and legs while strip less wax for underarms, bikini line and for male waxing is advisable. You may choose your type depending on the area that has to be waxed.

NOTE: if you are suffering from any of the skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis or even acne and on medications that thins the skin then waxing of any kind is strictly to be avoided.

The dos and don’ts before and after waxing

It is always wise to avoid using any body oil on the day of waxing. Exfoliating the area by using body scrub three days prior to waxing is highly recommended. Your hair has to be half a centimeter or more for gaining best results after waxing. If it is two centimeters long or more, waxing causes more pain as root hair would be strong. Thus, waxing once in every four weeks is a good idea to maintain good skin and lessen your hair growth.

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