User Review of Tmart’s Cool Sunglasses

July 2, 2013

A lady never goes out without a stylish pair of sunglasses on. Although there are different styles of sunglasses, there is that specific pair that fits your face shape and your sun protection needs. When I was looking for sunglasses I looked for something Aviator-inspired, but I didn’t want it to be so masculine and dark. I also wanted something not too expensive. It was a good thing that Tmart had this great collection of affordable yet stylish sunglasses such as the Fashion Gole Silver Lady Sunglasses which was exactly what I needed.

Main Features

The sunglass has a metal frame, resin shades, and soft plastic handles. It comes in a stylish brown tint and sleek, wire handles that fit snugly behind the ears with their soft plastic coating to keep the sunglasses’ grip on your head as comfortable as possible. The overall build and quality is good so you would not think that this pair is super affordable. The shades come in their own plastic case and cleaning cloth.

Pros and Cons

The cool sunglasses are affordable yet are made of good quality materials. This is perhaps its main advantage. It retails for $154 at Tmart, which is very affordable for a pair of sunglasses if you compare it to designer sunglasses. The resin material for the shades does a good job of keeping harsh sun’s rays away and the round frames do a great job of softening harsh facial features such as sharp cheekbones and jawlines. There is nothing to complain about with this pair. It looks good, the price is right and it feels solidly built. The brown color is also very classy and allows you to wear it almost anywhere. Tmart also offers free shipping which is a plus.

When it comes to sunglasses you really need to have style and the right amount of sun protection since the sunglasses are the first thing that protects the eyes. My choices of sunglasses are determined by how stylish they are, how good the material is, and how pleasantly the pair fits my face. The Fashion Gole Silver Lady Sunglasses

Tmart's Cool Sunglasses

brown fit my needs perfectly because it has all these. It is also very affordable, which is quite surprising for a pair this stylish. Tmart is definitely a great place to get excellent accessories like sunglasses and it offers great service, from smooth check out to free shipping. I would definitely shop for future pairs here.

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