Useful Plus Size Fashion Guide

January 10, 2016

Being plus size should never stop you from being fashionable and fabulous. Maintaining a stylish appearance requires you to know how to dress your body, dress comfortably and show off your curves. This starts with being aware of the areas of the body that you want to accentuate.

Colors and Patterns

Create a wardrobe that is based on what you want to highlight and what you would prefer to minimize. Darker colors are ideal for hiding flaws while brighter colors draw attention to your features. If your waist is the favorite part of your body, you can wear a bright belt with a dark top to show off your slim waist.

You can narrow down your hips by wearing dark skirts or pants. Identify the colors and patterns that suit you. Different pattern sizes can influence how you look while flattering colors can give you a glowing appearance.


If you find it hard to get the most ideal fit for your body, find a tailor who can adjust your clothes. It is common for plus size women to find clothes that are their size but the fit does not cater to their body type. A tailor can structure items such as blazers and jeans to fit you perfectly.

Supportive Undergarments

What you wear beneath your clothes has a significant impact on how you look. It is harder for your clothes to fit well if your underwear is not supportive enough. Undergarments such as well-fitting bras improve your posture and provide a firm base for your upper clothing.

Supportive underwear is useful for narrowing down parts of your thighs and hips. The undergarments that you wear should provide enough coverage. If they are too small, you will not only feel uncomfortable, you will also find it harder to find clothes that fit. Click here for plus size wholesale.

Know your Size

Online shopping is easier when you know your size. Since different brands have a different cuts and fits, it is important to know your measurements before you start shopping. After measuring your chest, waist and hips, you can use the sizing charts to determine the size of clothing that you need.


Accessories add versatility to your wardrobe and look regardless of what your size may be. Plus size women look great in bolder and bigger jewelry. Small pieces are subtle and underwhelming. Choose larger handbags that will complement your body frame and make you appear more petite.

Slim down your wrist with a few chunky bracelets and make your neck look longer with dangling earrings such as chandelier earrings. Combine stylish boots with your skirts, leggings and skinny jeans to make your legs look slimmer. If you have thick calves or ankles, dainty shoes may make them look even bigger. Find shoes that elongate and narrow down your legs.

Plus size fashion is not restricted to any stringent rules. You can experiment with a variety of styles and identify the right one for your specific body type. A confident attitude and smile are essential accessories whenever you dress. Great style involves being aware of what looks and feels good.

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