Type of Necklace

December 5, 2018

For every women statement of necklace is tools to enhance the beauty. With any simple little black dress, you can carry a piece of pearl necklace or an oxidized silver necklace. Gold necklace complement any ethnic wears with a pair of gold earrings. There are many different type of necklace design, every necklace design are masterpiece in itself. The common type of necklace are as follows:

Pendant Necklaces:

The word pendant comes from the Latin word pendere, which means “hang down”. It is a form of a hanging piece of jewellery attached by a small loop to a necklace, which is known as a “pendant necklace. This is necklace can be made in lightweight. Recent year, a chain with a heart on it is the perfect example of Pendent Necklace. In the market you can get this  type of gold necklace design in 10 grams.


choker is a close-fitting necklace wear around the neck. It can be made with a variety of materials, such as velvet, plastic, beads , metal, like silver, gold or platinum. In history, Golden choker necklaces were made by Sumerian artisans, around 2500 BC. As per the evidence from the Jewelry Museum of Fine Arts. In addition to the Sumerians, ancient Egyptian shows this type of craft. This is adorned by many women and goes perfectly with the bridal attire.

Choker necklaces for women wore around the neck. Pair them with an evening dress to hit the floor. Velvet or lace choker can also go with jeans and tee shirt .


This type of necklace is popular from centuries. Beaded necklace styles are popular from decades. In this necklace are long and made with a different colour of beads. Sometimes crystal is also used in place of beads. Beaded necklace can go with any outfit.

Bib Necklace: 

Bib Necklace can be designed by using numerous gems, stones or pearls. A bib necklace is made of many layers of beads and sits higher on neck closer to the collarbone and far from the belly button. In Bib necklace many   of materials incorporates together to create a multi-layered, eye-catching piece of jewellery.

Rani Haar: 

As the name suggests this type of necklace wore by the queen and the princess of India. This  is crafted with the use of kundan and other precious gemstones like emeralds, ruby, sapphire and uncut diamonds.

It is an aesthetically beautiful neckpiece with seven layers embedded with pearls or gems. It is a layered piece of jewellery for bridal in India. Satlada is origins from a place called Basra. Traditional Satlada is supposed to have 465 pearls healthy dose of diamonds embedded on it. Satlada was part of the jewels of Nizam and like by Mughals.


A lariat is a type of necklace forms a loop secured with a special knot. This knot allows sliding without getting separate. A necklace is loop around the neck with no specific clasp on either side. Lariat necklace is western design with little turn and twist capture the heart of Indian women.

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