Truly Natural Hair Care

May 13, 2013

The beauty industry is booming more than ever. In particular, the range of hair care products available on the market is huge these days. Be it for adding volume, healing split ends, reducing frizz or any other hair related ailment; the choice is truly mind boggling. One of the most commonly complained about problems relating to hair is loss of it and a leading product designed to try and stimulate regrowth is the over-the-counter medication known as Rogaine. While it has been suggested that this product can be very useful in helping to reclaim the once luscious locks lost to the power of time; for those who support the ever growing popularity of holistic methods of beauty and care, what are some of the most unexpected natural ways to try and prevent dreaded hair loss and keep your mane in top condition?

Truly Natural Hair Care

Truly Natural Hair Care


If you want clean, hydrated hair, it seems a raw egg could be your best option. While the natural proteins and fats inside the yolk provide moisture, the white removes any nasty oils, reducing grease and leaving your hair feeling silky smooth.


The acid and milk fat found in natural, plain yoghurt can supposedly eliminate dirt and oils, healing the damage caused by styling products. Massaging it into your hair, allowing it to rest then rinsing it off with warm water before your usual wash and shampoo routine has been suggested as a great way of keeping your hair fresh and healthy.

Lemon Juice

The acidity of lemons can be very useful. Occasionally applying a mixture of lemon juice and olive oil to your scalp can remove dry flakes of skin while also moisturising the hair itself.


For those who think bigger is better, beer could be the unlikely solution to giving your hair great volume. The yeast that lies within beer is perfect for plumping out your locks, without the need for hours of backcombing. So the next time you decide to relax with a few pints, perhaps you should keep some back to use for the next day’s beauty regime.


The wonders of honey for both our inner health and our skin have been known for years. This naturally produced delight attracts and retains moisture within the atmosphere, meaning it is also ideal for rehydrating dry, lifeless hair.


The oils within an avocado are similar to those produced by human skin. This means they are great for healing damaged hair while the rich mixture of proteins and nutrients can help tame wild and frizzy hair; who needs straighteners when there’s an avocado in the vegetable drawer?

With many of these items readily available in most of our food cupboards, if the hype is to be believed; there is little excuse for tired, poorly conditioned hair anymore. However, for those who were previously oblivious to the wonder of Mother Nature and the secret healing powers hidden within our very kitchens; for those to whom the hands of time have not been so forgiving, remedies like Rogaine are being increasingly suggested as a viable option to repair the damage already done.

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This piece was written by Hair Loss Geeks; a blog dedicated to the trials and tribulations of losing your hair. Packed full of the stories, the treatments, the tears and the laughter that all come in tow; the blog also contains useful tips and up-to-date coverage of news stories regarding all things related to hair, including the latest products, such as Rogaine.

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