Top Reasons You Should Pay for the Designer Clothes

July 10, 2013

If you are worried about the cost, you may start searching for cheaper designer clothes. This often leads to finding knock-offs. You may then think that this is better – it’s cheaper, right? Wrong! You need to opt for the real thing. Before you hit the purchase button, read these top reasons to pay for the designer goodies.

Top Reasons You Should Pay for the Designer Clothes

Top Reasons You Should Pay for the Designer Clothes

1.      They Last Longer: Designer goods are expensive; not because of the name but the quality. They are designed with duration in mind. This means that they cost you less in the long run. The knock-offs are made quickly with poor materials and bad stitching work. They are designed to be quick and cheap but you will end up having to buy new ones sooner in the future. A good pair of designer jeans could last you years with regular use.

2.      They’re More Comfortable: Think about how much comfier the designer clothes are. This is because of the materials that are used. They are soft and often made without all the chemicals. Since you have to dry clean most of them, the softness stays, unlike when you wash the knock-off cheap options. Knock-off items are made with the easiest to source material and you have no idea what is really used.

3.      Support the Designer: If you want to keep seeing the nice clothes, you need to support them. Put your money where the quality is and where you want to see the new designs come from. If everyone buys the knock-offs because they are cheap, the cost of designer goods has to go up further and eventually they end out of business. The cheaper manufacturers will be everywhere, leading to more disadvantages.

4.      Get the Guarantee: most designer goods come with a guarantee. They are designed to last a set amount of time with regularly use and you can get your money back if that isn’t the case. However, this depends on where you buy the goods from and which designer it is. It will also depend on the type of item that  you buy. Check about this beforehand so you are not left disappointed.

Those making fake designer goods aren’t able to offer this guarantee. If they did, they would be out of business because their goods aren’t high quality enough.

5.       Support the Law: Most of those making fake goods are doing it illegally. By buying knock-off goods, you are supporting those who are working illegally and you could land yourself in trouble. Support those who pay their workers a fair wage and allow them to work in a good environment.

Designer goods last longer and cost less in the long run. They also work on more moral grounds. When you get the choice of designer or knock-off, always opt for the former. You will save yourself much more in the future, even if it seems like a high price right now.

Author bio:

This guest post was written by Michael Eliot, a fashion enthusiast. He often helps many people choose clothes and styles that suit their needs and figures.

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