Top Fashion Ideas for Muslim Women

November 19, 2017

The hijab is a symbol of modesty in Islam and the term refers to the veil that is worn by Muslim women. Along with this distinct covering, there are other aspects of modest dressing that are adaptable for daily life, work and recreation. Looking modestly stylish is a goal that can be achieved by keeping a few fashion tips in mind.


  • One of the simple ways to showcase your original sense of style is by using your headscarf to complement your outfit. Look for scarves in a range of your favorite colors. Choose some bright hues if you want to take a break from black or shades of gray.
  • Find shades that suit your style and personality. Vibrant hues are great for outgoing and bold individuals while muted tones are ideal for people who prefer to be subtle.
  • Gather scarves according to colors that will match other items in your closet. This will make it possible for you to wear them more often and create multiple outfits. Identify the colors that flatter your eyes, complexion and outfits.


  • Choose scarves with wove and subtle patterns. Small prints match many outfits and are easy to wear with different clothes. Paisley, plaid and floral patterns are among the popular options for small prints.
  • Avoid overwhelming and busy patterns in an array of colors. A reasonable color palette and small prints will create a cohesive look. Scarves with large prints are great for adding pops of blood colors to outfits.
  • For larger patterns you can choose floral, abstract and vintage prints.
  • Mixing patterns will help to add depth to your collection of fashionable items. Click here for vetement femme musulmane.

Experimenting with Styles

Do not hesitate to experiment and be adventurous with your style. Vibrant colors and beads that hang along the material’s edges are some of the options that are worth considering. Ensure that your hijab is compatible with the items you wear.

Creating Outfits

  • Avoid overwhelming a bright or busy outfit by wearing a dark or light colored scarf. A monochromatic or simple outfit can be enhanced by a bright or colorful hijab.
  • Explore different styles of wrapping your scarf to diversify your appearance.
  • Enhance your hijab with accessories such as vintage brooches, pins and headbands. Beading or embroidery on scarves creates texture.
  • Wear jewelry to complete your ensemble. Options include long pretty necklaces that you can place between your fabrics or place over your hijab.

Maxi Dresses and Skirts

Maxi dresses and skirts are timeless looks that work well with a hijab. The floor-length styles can easily be paired with t-shirts, blouses, sweater, jackets and heels. They are versatile and perfect for virtually any occasion.


Jeans are essential fashion staples that can be combined with flowing sweaters and tops. Wear jeans with sneakers or flats and buy a variety of trendy jeans such as distressed patterns. Experiment with colored denim as well as jeans in different washes that range from dark to light.


During coder seasons you can pair your scarves with stylish long coats. Coats are available in numerous colors, patterns and designs. Choose outerwear that will match your hijab to create an elegant and sleek appearance.

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