Top Factors to Consider for Wedding Decor Hire

November 19, 2017

There are several decisions that couples need to make regarding their big day. Even when you choose your wedding venue and gown, you still face the challenge of choosing the perfect decor for your ceremony and reception venue. There are several wedding decor concepts but you do not have to be overwhelmed by the array of options.


Set aside some time to consider your expectations for the wedding and narrow down your choices according to the things you like. Conduct some research while looking for unique ideas. You can browse the web, go through publications and consult a qualified wedding planner. If you identify something that embodies what you want, you can incorporate the designs you prefer into your wedding theme.

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Decor Style

Consider selecting a decor style according to the wedding dress. Your gown may be useful for guiding your decisions and can make it easier to combine different wedding elements. The bride is typically the focus of attention during the ceremony and the dress can serve as inspiration for decor.

  • A formal approach may lean towards conventional decoration choices such as the classic appearance of draping white fabric, abundance of roses and greenery that are complemented by gold accents.
  • A modern and sleek design with limited colors and simple additions will work well for a contemporary wedding.
  • Vintage flair that features rustic themes or fairy-tale fantasies can be used to indicate the overall concept. Click here for decor hire.

Seasonal Concepts

People have the option of planning their decor in accordance with the season or month. This is ideal for accentuating the highlights of the seasons such as the warmth that is associated with summer.  A winter wedding is an opportunity to celebrate with brighter jewel tones and crystals to depict icicles.

Spring weddings can incorporate themes that are inspired by the natural beauty of the outdoors as well as vibrant colors. Cooler colors can be used for the warmer seasons along with hues of red, brown and gold for an elegant touch.

Personalized Decor

Include special aspects of the bride and groom’s relationship while decorating. A wedding is a celebration of two people establishing a new life that they will share as a unit and details of their moments together can be included in decoration choices.

Seek inspiration from your family traditions to create a unique event. Consider the tastes, textures and colors that are associated with different cultures to personalize your wedding and make the ceremony even more meaningful for the guests. Your unique personalities and styles should be reflected in the decor. Choose decor that represents your sense of individuality.

Quick Tips

  • Think about escort cards next to intricate floral arrangements if you want to guide guests on where they will sit during the ceremony.
  • Plants and other forms of greenery can be set up for both indoor and outdoor occasions.
  • Decorate the chairs with additional ribbons that feature your color scheme.
  • Floral centerpieces are a graceful addition to tables. You can place a large centerpiece on every table or opt for smaller centerpieces if the tables are long.


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