Top 7 Geeky Hipster Accessories

November 29, 2012

The Hipster, or should we rather say- faux intellectual trend is sticking for longer than we have initially thought. These individuals can be spotted all over and a phenomenon that started out as being particular to certain cliques has now started to dominate streets, parks and coffee shops all over the world. If you are on the lookout to spot a hipster or if you are urging to become one- we will share with you some of the signature accessories of this global trend.

Geeky Hipster Accessories

The Moustache

So the moustache might not be the best idea for girls, but joking around with fake moustaches and taking pictures ‘as if’ you have a mo will also make the cut. For the bearded guys out there, this is your chance to go as bizarre as possible with your moustache. It needs to look groomed and well though through, don’t just let it grow the way it wants to.

The Bicycle

Another trait of the hipster is that they are environmentally conscious, in other words, they support green living. The hipster will opt for a fixed gear bike and if it’s vintage it’s even better. If you are a girl you can always add a basket to your vintage bike and fill it with your paper bag grocery shopping. Apart from walking, these bikes are the main form of transport for the hipsters, so don’t contract your hipster lifestyle buy pulling up to your favorite coffee shop in a car that is high on petrol and bad for the environment.

The Headphones

The Hipster is known to listen to unique music that no one else has even heard of. The more alternative the better, if it’s obscure and underground it will work. When it comes to the headphones buy those that really make a statement. It’s not about hiding the small earphones and tucking in the wires, it’s about publically proclaiming that you love music and you prefer listening to it every second of every day. It’s also about creating curiosity, if you’re lucky someone might even ask what you are listening too, and this would be your chance to elaborate on the band that no one has ever heard of.

The Frames

You don’t actually need to have problem with your vision in order to wear a pair of spectacles. These trendy vintage looking frames don’t need to be filled with glass to pull off the look. If you do in fact where glasses you don’t have to buy contact lenses for a while, because geek is chic and your poor vision is now your best accessory.

The Buttons

Hipster fashion allows the individual to either button up or button down a button shirt. These shirts can be worn with a printed t-shirt underneath or fully buttoned. These shirts are not the same that 9-5 corporate individuals are wearing; they are check shirts of a lighter material that look like they have been worn through generations. You can also opt for a denim button shirt and pair it with skinny jeans.

The Cut

Being a hipster is about standing out from the crowd, but in an intellectual way. Alongside the moustache the individual should also have an intricate haircut, preferably including either side burns or shaven sides with hair at the top. The haircut looks like someone was intending to shave the entire head, but ended up leaving the top part. If you prefer longer locks pair these with side burns and an impressive moustache.

The iPhone

What would the life of a hipster be if they weren’t able to document it? This is where the iPhone, more particularly Instagram comes in. This cellphone application allows you to take a picture and do a basic edit on the composition of the image to give it that ‘vintage feel’. These images are popped up on the internet to show everyone that they are enjoying locally brewed beer at the slow food market, or buying their meat from the organic butcher. Even though the overall appearance of the hipster might have you thinking they aren’t rich, owning an iPhone and iMac proves otherwise.

These are just a few basic accessories that you can buy or find in your grandparents’ house in order to look like a proper hipster. Keep in mind that the laid back attitude and knowledge of environmental events and apathy towards politics goes hand in hand with this trending faux intellectual movement.

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