Top 6 ways deep breathing rejuvenates your mind and body

December 10, 2018

You may have noticed when you get angry, people in your surrounding ask you to take deep breaths and relax. This may also have helped you in controlling your anger and getting your mind to cool down. Have you ever thought how? Basically,on deep breathing, your diaphragm drops downwards making your rib cage expand that helps in creating more space for lungs to inflate. By this,it increases the oxygen levels in your body and helps your heart to slowdown. This is how you feel relaxed and calm by just taking a long breath.

If this small practice of deep breathing can be so effective in controlling your anger and keeping you relaxed, just think how will effective it will be if you perform it on a daily basis? There are many benefits of performing this exercise of deep breathing. 70% of our body toxins are released by just inhaling deeply and these toxins aid in maintaining a healthy mind and achieving body fitness goals. There are many more benefits of performing deep breathing exercises:

1.      Improves our mental state: Deep breathing exercises help in relaxing our mind and enhance the ability of the mind to learn, focus and concentrate on work. This will surely sharpen your memory. Deep breathing provides oxygen to our brain that helps in better functioning of the brain. It relieves stress and eradicates feeling of anxiety and cravings and addictions for various foods and drugs.

2.      Makes you look more beautiful and young: A happy and smiling face always looks young and beautiful than a stressful and tensed face. Studies have shown that deep breathing serves better than an anti-aging cream or an expensive anti-aging treatment. Deep breathing slows down the anti-aging process by secreting more and more of anti-aging hormones. So isn’t it a good news and a perfect reason to start this activity from today.

3. Helps in relaxing muscles: When we stress or panic over a situation the anger and the pain harms our muscular system. Our muscles start to contract due to such a situation. By deep breathing, oxygen is provided to muscles and they relax down.

4. Improves in working of the digestive system: When we deep breathe blood flow increases in our digestive tract. This activity helps in improving overall digestion by encouraging intestinal action. Diseases like irritable bowel syndrome and constipation can be cured by just performing deep breathing exercises.

5.   Improves heart health: By deep breathing, the diaphragm moves downwards helping your lungs to inhale more oxygen. That increases blood flow in the body. It is seen that people who perform deep breathing exercise have better heart health and are less prone to heart attacks than the people who don’t perform it.

6. Deep breathing increase your energy levels: By the deep breathing huge amount of energy is provided to our body. Oxygen is the only resource for the functioning of our body cells. With increased levels of oxygen, our cells start to work more rapidly. People who perform deep breathing exercise are more energetic than people who don’t perform it. This fresh up your body by providing great levels of oxygen.

Is there anything left that deep breathing exercise can’t do? Just by changing a little bit of your lifestyle and adding about 20 minutes of this exercise in your daily routine you can be benefitted with a healthy heart, active body, good digestive system, better immune system and many more. This not only works on your physical health but also has great benefit for your mental health.

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