Top 5 Moments Between Jim and Dwight on The Office

November 11, 2013

The Office is an American television show that revolves around the everyday lives of people stuck in an office together. It is well known because of Steve Carell and his character, Michael, although the antics of the show’s various characters were also greatly anticipated. In fact, here are the top 5 moments between Jim and Dwight on The Office (in order by season):

Jim and Dwight on The Office

Jim and Dwight on The Office

1. The Jell-O Prank (Season 1: “Pilot”)

Although it was a relatively simple prank, in the “Pilot” episode, Jim encased Dwight’s stapler in Jell-O (much to Dwight’s dismay). However, Michael did not help make the situation any better when he told Dwight to eat the Jell-O so that it would not be wasted.

In addition to encasing Dwight’s stapler, Jim has also encased Michael’s “World’s Best Boss” mug (“Pilot”) and Andy’s calculator (“Gay Witch Hunt”) in Jell-O. However, the prank against Andy backfired when he responded violently.

The prank was originally used on the BBC series, but made appearances in the American series as well. With services like DIRECTV, you can easily find the best deals on satellite television to enjoy both series with ease.

2. The Vending Machine Prank (Season 2: “Booze Cruise”)

In “Booze Cruise,” Jim (with the help of his friend, Steve) put all of Dwight’s desk items into a vending machine. To get his items back, Dwight had to use money, although his wallet was also in the vending machine. Since Pam was usually associated with Jim’s pranks, she additionally made an appearance to buy one of Dwight’s items from the vending machine while he was present. However, Jim finally handed Dwight a bag of nickels to help him get all of his belongings back.

3. The “Future Dwayne” Prank (Season 3: “Branch Closing”)

Before Jim left for Scranton, he stole stationary and worked from the Scranton branch to send Dwight a fax from “Future Dwight.” In the fax, “Future Dwight” warned Dwight that the coffee was poisoned, so Dwight responded by dramatically smacking a cup of coffee from Stanley’s hand.

4. The Morse Code Prank (Season 6: “The Cover-Up”)

In this episode, both Jim and Pam worked together to get back at Dwight after he commented about Pam needing to lose her baby weight. To pull it off, the couple hired a nanny so that they could take a class and learn how to communicate in Morse code. They then used their newfound skills to “talk” about Dwight right in front of him and eventually trick him into believing that there was a bomb.

5. The Imitation Prank (Season 7: “Classy Christmas”)

In this episode, Jim arrived at the office dressed as Dwight. Once he sat down at his desk, he immediately began to talk to Dwight while imitating his tone and mannerisms. Naturally, Dwight was not pleased, although Jim beat him again by yelling out for Michael first.

There are numerous comical moments between Jim and Dwight to enjoy. Yet, with these top 5 moments, you are sure to have a good chuckle or laugh.

Angela Cullum has watched “The Office” since it’s inception. An avid blogger, you can find her posts mainly on entertainment blog sites.

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