Top 5 Clothing Brands for College Girls

February 14, 2013

College years provide many young girls with the perfect opportunity to indulge their fashion senses. While some college girls are experiencing a life of relative poverty because school does not exactly pay well, others are indulging in their last glory years of living on mom and dad’s generosity. Just look at some of the clothing worn by nineteen-year-old women and compare it to what many ladies can afford a few years down the road. There is something to be said for parental support, and for many college girls it comes in the form of an ever-changing and constantly growing wardrobe. So, what are some of the best clothing brands for this time of your life? We have compiled a list of companies that are popular with college girls because of their youthful, edgy fashion and because they suit a wide range of budgets.

Top 5 Clothing Brands for College Girls

Top 5 Clothing Brands for College Girls

J. Crew

This clothier is a perennial favorite with girls in college. They offer clothing in a variety of styles, from casual garments to professional clothes to outerwear. J. Crew apparel, no matter what the particular garment in question may be, always gives off an all-American, classic vibe that is a hit with college girls. Shop for cashmere sweaters, flirty and feminine dresses, or the perfect formal to wear on a special evening.


This clothing company is a top fashion destination around the world, although it is based out of Sweden. Girls in London, Amsterdam, or New York will happily sport the cutting-edge looks of this fashion powerhouse. H&M clothing has a fresh runway appeal that speaks to many students who want to look sophisticated and sexy. These looks do not have the innocent, classic look of J.Crew offerings–they provide big-city fashion at an affordable price. If your city does not have an H&M, do not worry; their popular website is the perfect answer for your fashion fix.


Like J. Crew, GAP clothing has an all-American, girl-next-store (with a little glamour) appeal. This retail giant has been a Mecca for college girls for years, and it shows no sign of slowing down. From comfortable striped terry dresses for casual summer days to tailored tops for a professional look, GAP has young women covered. If you like vivid, prismatic colors and simple but stylish patterns, this store may become your favorite.


This mall staple has been a hit with college girls since it opened its doors. Express offers runway-style looks at a price that will not ruin your budget. It also offers sexy, sleek professional wear for job interviews or all-important internships. They also sell stylish sweaters and breezy summer tops, along with killer accessories. One of the reasons that this retail magnet is so popular with college ladies is its variety of fun party clothes that are perfect for clubbing and nights on the town. From miniskirts to metallic tops to perfect black dresses, Express knows how to help you party in style.


If you looked in the closet of any college girl around the country, no matter how large or small her wardrobe budget, you would likely find pieces from Target. This affordable U.S. chain has emerged as a leader in fashion for young women, with adorable, trendy store brands, like their Mossimo and Merona labels. Target also partners with major designers, like Isaac Mizrahi and Gwen Stefani, for some of their clothing lines. The store’s epic release of an affordable line of Missoni clothing sold out in stores and online in a matter of minutes when it was unveiled. In 2012, their innovative design team partnered with several popular but local U.S. shops to make custom fashion accessible to all, and their joint-effort with high-end retailer Neiman Marcus was a homerun with college girls.

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