Top 3 Upcoming Trends in men’s fashion for Summer 2014

April 15, 2013

Summer is coming, and many men are looking at getting a new wardrobe for themselves. Before you decide to head out and start looking at the different clothes and styles that are on offer, it is a good idea to take a look at some of the unique trends that are out now. Some of these trends have been going on for a while and are still quite popular today, while others are a little new. What you need to do is make sure that you find a style that suits you. Some of these styles are also going to depend on the climate of the place that you live in, so do not forget this.

Upcoming Trends in men's fashion for Summer 2014

Upcoming Trends in men’s fashion for Summer 2014


There is a variety of colors out there that a lot of men are still wearing. One of the most common colors is pink. This trend came up a few years ago. Previously, pink was often perceived as a “girly” color, but this trend is changing quite fast. Pink shirts and t-shirts and even tank tops are available now all over the place. If you want to find a new style for yourself, then consider this unique color. Other fun and fashionable colors that are available now include orange and stripes. These are all pretty popular and can add that extra bit of trendiness to your overall attire.

Camouflage Print

The whole camouflage print look is coming back into fashion again. One of the great things about camouflage print is the fact that it is not as warm as some of the darker colors that you find out there. This means that you will be more comfortable. Camouflage print can come in the form of trousers or summer jackets. This is perfect for those chillier summer days when it starts to rain. You want to make sure that your entire body is protected if this happens, so this is the perfect solution and you can still look good. It is also a great look for semi-formal events and many men are taking a look at it.

Sleeveless Blazers and Jackets

These are slowly making a comeback. Sleeveless jackets and blazers and even waistcoats are getting their day in the sun. Some of these can look fantastic when it comes to formal and semi-formal events. They often help to add a little bit of an extra dimension to your suit or outfit. You can get both formal and semi-formal varieties, depending on what you are looking for. Having something sleeveless to wear is also useful for those particularly hot days when you are unable to find anything else and you just want to relax in the garden. Wearing these with a tank top can also help to keep your arms cool while covering you up a little bit more so that you do not feel so exposed.

With all of these new trends available, it is time to hit the stores and see what you can craft into a new and exciting outfit. Of course, you can also add these to your own unique style in order to create something that stands out.

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