Tips To Revamp The Shabby Backyard In Celebrity Style

August 19, 2013

Do It Like The Celebrities – Tips To Revamp The Shabby Backyard In Celebrity Style

Even though we are all aware about their never-ending estates, Hollywood celebrity homes are an inspiration for people, when it comes to fashionable interiors and exteriors. While not many of you possess the lush green gardens, the dedicated sports areas, the huge pools, or the astounding mansion; you can use the following tips to brighten up your little backyard, and make it as elegant as theirs!

The focus on Themes

Celine Dion owns perhaps one of the most luxurious homes in the world, and yet her focus is entirely on developing the outdoors. Themes can play a very important role, when it comes to modernizing the outdoors, and a lot of our beloved celebrities have set themes for their enchanted homes.

Do It Like The Celebrities

Do It Like The Celebrities – Celebrity Style

These days, we hear quite a lot about themes for various settings – be it a bedroom, a lounge or a patio – everyone today wants their settings to be adorned with themes based on amenities and features that complement each other and offer an aura of the predispositions that you want. It is of course a demanding task to shop for and subsequently organize all features of a setting under the banner of one cohesive theme, but you would want to believe my word on this – the effort is truly worth it for it lightens up your setting like nothing else. The most prominent themes today are those that focus on colors – adorning either a single color or else a combination of two or three of them. That is how the celebrities are also doing it! Let us focus today on two prominent color themes, both at opposite ends of the choice spectrum.

The Orange Crush Option

You have always been fond of bright colors and the ambience that they create? You feel bright colors light up a setting like no other? You want to return home to that bright and vibrant outdoor setting that conveniently allows you to forget for a while the office work you have piled up? Really, orange crush is then the theme for you. As the name suggests, the focus is on brightness and vibrancy through emphasizing on shades of orange. A color that looks equally exciting in summers and winters, orange offers a perfect contrast to your lush green lawn and the bright blue water resting in your pool. Throw in some cushions for outdoor furniture, perhaps in other colors of the same family to soothe out the brightness a bit. Red and yellow are great options in this regard!

The Tuscany Option

You feel bright colors pierce you through the eyes? You have always had a thing for those indulging shades of cream and beige, be it for your apparel or accessories? Your idea of a relaxing ambience is one based on subtle colors instead of bright and vibrant ones? Well, worry not, for Tuscany is the theme for you. Incorporating shades of cream with a tinge of red to offer a slight variation, the Tuscany theme is for all of you out there for whom subtle shades have always been a popular choice. There is plenty of variation available to you – you can pick up a shade within the ambit of cream of your choice and then subsequently complement it with shades of maroon or red, whichever of the two you are aligned towards more. A highly popular means of organization is having cream furniture and red outdoor cushions thrown in to complete the picture.

Sky Is The Limit

From Celine Dion’s pool infested estate to Steven Spielberg’s lush green lands, Hollywood celebrities are truly an inspiration for décor lovers around the world. Adopting themes like the Tuscany or the Orange crush is just the beginning. You can take a look at their pool chairs, their elegant gazebos and their tulip gardens to start generating similar ideas.

When it comes to the outdoors, even sky is not a limit!

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