Tips to Help You Find Your Personal Style

November 4, 2016

What’s my style?– is a pretty common question which doesn’t have a uni vocal answer: personal style is…personal, therefore finding the style that perfectly defines your inner personality is somehow related to the ancient Greek aphorism “know yourself”. Style is something fascinating, everyone has its own and it involves the whole personality: how we move, what we wear, our tastes and even our writing style. Sometimes we can feel a bit confused and we need to resort to some external source, a valid essay writing service as regards your writing issues or to a trendy fashion consultant. Also, is not always easy to match a style with your own personality, especially in a world where the word “standardization” seems to become more and more the common rule and where both men and women look more and more mass-produced toy soldiers… Yet the desire of emerging still remains, indisputably stating that individualism is still worthy. Many authoritative online magazines have a special section dedicated to style, offering suggestions and interesting points of view on the latest tendencies in fashion, design and lifestyle.

How to find your own style? Useful hacks and few uncommon perspectives

  1. Style is different from fashion!

Keep in mind that style and fashion are not the same, even if they are somehow related. You may say that fashion gives you the tools to express your style in a specific time period, while the style is something deeper and timeless, that lasts beyond the ephemeral dresses or accessories of the moment.

  1. Get inspired!

Looking at how other people dress and wear accessories can be a great source of inspiration. You can of course get inspired by famous actors or actresses, models and singers, but I warmly suggest you to try to find some hints in your daily entourage, noticing how an accessory, even unconventional, can enhance a dress, or how a dress can highlight a specific physical feature.

  1. You have YOUR own personality.

Sometimes looking around for inspiration makes us a bit mixed up and we tend to identify ourselves, or a part of ourselves, with someone else, charmed by the weight of a strong personality or even by a small delicious detail. In these cases, we should come back to our inner being and our personality, which is as interesting and charming as that of any other person!

  1. Enhance your unique traits.

We all have some peculiar attributes which make us unique: a special figure, beautiful red hair, an open smile or a distinctive way to walk for example. By matching these characteristics with the right clothes, we unfold and strengthen the structure of our personal style.

  1. Sign your paper!

Do you have a special something you really love to wear? Indian jewelry, silk scarves or biker-style leather jackets? Make that something your signature, your unique and unmistakable trademark.

  1. Break rules!

We tend to categorize, confining styles and fashion within standard clichés. Indeed some clothes are appropriate for specific circumstances, yet we should remain open and keep the borders among the different categories as undefined as possible, tailoring them to our specific needs: but, if something doesn’t work for us, why shouldn’t we change it?

  1. Space and style cleaning!

If realizing that you have a certain kind of dresses or some accessories that you have never used or you do not use anymore, don’t be afraid to get rid of them: besides providing more space in your wardrobe, it will help you to discover what is truly appealing to you, defining your own style more accurately.

  1. Be natural.

Let your style grow naturally, expressing what you are in that very moment. Don’t force it in any way. If you push yourself to fit a quintessential styling image you have created of you, if you force a dress or an accessory to be your signature just because you like it, you will probably look unnatural, even clumsy or ridiculous.

Just a bunch of hints, neither deep nor exhaustive, to help you in finding your thread in the labyrinth of fashion, design and style. A more in-depth look at this fascinating but somehow contradictory world would be worthy indeed: understanding how the fashion industry works, how it creates specific needs and how media can rocket or slash a product is highly intriguing, moreover offering some different perspectives in creating and developing your own style.

Tips to Help You Find Your Personal Style

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