Tips to Cover Acne with Face Makeup

December 30, 2012

Facial acne is a terribly common, and terribly embarrassing, ailment. Facial acne is unwanted for a number of reasons. It looks unclean and unhealthy. It makes an otherwise attractive face look flawed and blemished. And facial acne can cause all sorts of internal emotional problems as well, including a lack of confidence and feelings of embarrassment. If you have facial acne then you’ll need to take care of it, yet healing acne-covered skin can take a long time. While you’re treating your acne you’ll need to learn to cover it up. Thankfully there are a number of makeup tips you can utilize to cover up facial acne quickly and easily.

Tips to Cover Acne with Face Makeup

Tips to Cover Acne with Face Makeup

First, it bears repeating you need to take action to treat your acne itself. You can effectively cover up acne with the right makeup tips but ultimately you should view cover up tips as temporary measures that simply help you look and feel better as you treat the source of the problem. Using the right facial care products is a good first start, combining cleaning products and moisturizers to help attack acne and to prevent your skin from drying out. In addition you want to treat the internal causes of acne, which can be anything from taking medications that cause skin problems to eating the wrong foods.

Provided you’ve started to take care of the internal causes of acne it’s time to start covering up the blemishes that appear on your skin as you heal.

First, you want to start by cleaning your skin properly. Doing so will not only help heal your skin it will also provide a good base to apply your cover up makeup to. Use a good anti-acne facial wash and then pat your face dry with a cotton towel. It’s important you pat your face and that you don’t scrub your face, as scrubbing your face dry can cause significant irritation. After you’ve dried your face apply a moisturizer and give it a couple minutes to absorb into your skin. If you have any creams or ointments specifically designed to treat your acne put them on. Now you’re ready to apply your makeup.

Start with a layer of foundation. If you’re going to use liquid foundation then use medicated liquid foundation designed for acne sufferers. Non-medicated liquid foundation is bad for your acne, and if you can’t get the medicated kind then only use a powder foundation. In general you want to avoid placing oil-based medication on your blemishes unless it’s specifically formulated to treat acne.As a good rule you want to use all-natural makeup products as artificial, heavily processed makeup can irritate your skin and cause breakouts.

After applying foundation you want to apply concealer. Apply it as thoroughly and deeply as you can without irritating your blemishes. If you’re going to use a corrector to deal with under-eye circles or other color-oriented complexion issues apply it first, then apply your concealer.

Finally, you want to make sure you have some sort of low-strength powdered concealer you can use periodically during the day when one of your blemishes starts to peak through.

Concealing your acne with makeup isn’t too difficult, but it does require dedication and the right tools!

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