Tips on How to get Beautiful Hair on Tight Budget

December 1, 2012

Every woman wants her crowning glory to be shiny and healthy all the time. However, most women don’t even try to maintain their hair because they think that it is very expensive, which is actually true. But taking care of your hair doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are beauty tips for you to have beautiful hair without spending much.

Beautiful Hair on Tight Budget

Hair tips #1: Shampoo

If you really want the best for your hair, then you better get the best hair loss prevention shampoo for everyday cleaning. Make sure your shampoo does not contain Sodium laurel sulfate or ammonium Laurent Sulfate. These can damage your hair in the long run.

Hair tips #2: Try organic products

There are now a lot of shampoos and conditioners out in the market that are purely organic and have natural ingredients. These are good for your hair and are considered as vitamins. It will supply your hair with the right amount of oil without adding too much grease.

Hair tips #3: Be careful while washing your hair

Most magazines and even most people think that you should wash your hair until you hear it squeaking. While this may make it squeaky clean, it is also stripping it off from the necessary essential oils that it needs to make it look deep down healthy. As soon as you are done washing, rinse it with water until there is a little bit left then rinse it with cold water to make it shine naturally. Don’t rub in anymore; just pour the water on your hair.

Hair tips #4: Use mayonnaise

Make use of the mayonnaise in your refrigerator and use it on your hair as a treatment. Take a cup of mayonnaise (you can even add some essential oils or avocado oil to intensify the treatment). Leave on your hair for a couple of hours.

Hair tips #5: Make use of natural products and fruits

Avoid hair dullness by applying lemon juice of apple cider on the roots of your hair. This will give it a shiny look and will also prevent greasy hair as well as tame the frizz.

Hair tips #6: Avoid expensive hair damage treatments

Try your best to steer clear from non organic chemical and follow the hair fall prevention tips to avoid damaging your hair further. These will help you save money from future hair damage treatments too.

These tips can help you skip the expensive treatments that may have you using your credit card (check credit report and credit score regularly). Follow these tips and save more money without compromising the health of your hair.

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