Tips of Dress Stylishly

April 13, 2013

Looking stylish is something that we all desire. In spite of the urge to look stylish, not many of us are able to dress the appropriate way. Fashion faux pas is something that we all do. If you are also someone confused about the right dressing sense, then read the below mentioned points.

Take a look into your present wardrobe. Make a list of the dresses that fits you well. Try to find more versatile dresses that you can wear for all occasions. Some of these dresses could be – jeans, trousers, white shirts etc. Make a list of the wardrobe essentials that you do not have.

Tips of Dress StylishlyMake a separate list of the dresses that do not fit you properly. You need to tailor these clothes to your proper shape. Remember that well-fitted clothes are an important part of fashion.

Take reference from fashion magazines like – Vogue. Here you will get a wide assortment of latest styles to look at. Look into the different season styles and how you can team them up with other accessories. Fashion magazines and journals are easily available and thus you will not struggle much to get them.

Follow the style sense of any renowned fashionista. You can look into celebrity fashion magazines to get an update on the following trends. Try to follow global fashion figures. By following them, you will get an idea about the latest global fashion. There are several TV shows that feature celebrities and their style. Regular watching of these shows can give you insight on basic aspects of fashion. Apart from the upcoming trends, you can understand how to wear according to one’s body type and personality.

Note: Often most people blindly follow the fashion trends. Do not do this. It is important that you understand your body type to wear any dress. Your personality and lifestyle should also influence your dress selection. For instance, if you are a business woman, then business suits, shirts and trousers should be your ideal choice. Your wardrobe should mainly comprise these items.

Similarly, if you are a college student, then your wardrobe should mainly have jeans, t-shirts, skirts and other forms of casual wear.

You can play with different designs and patterns. For example, you can opt for floral designs in dresses. If you want to make a bold fashion statement, opt for animal prints. Be careful about the fabrics you choose. Again the season will play the dominating role here. For instance opt for cotton in summer.

You can make your own unique patterns in dresses. Use free-standing lace designs or other embroidery patterns to give a different look to your dress.

Accessorize your outfit well. Remember that a well-chosen bracelet or earring can uplift the aesthetic value of your dress. However, you need to be careful about the accessory you choose. If you are going to office, do not wear something that is too loud or flashy. Consider the place before you team your outfit with any accessory.

Robert Louis is a renowned writer who has written several articles on a wide array of topics. In this article, she talks about the facts of dressing well, and looking stylish. She mentions free standing lace designs as one of the ways to rev up and customize any outfit.

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