Tips for how to wear Soft Contact Lenses

May 5, 2013

Vision errors are no less than curse thanks that we have glasses and now contact lenses to rectify such vision errors in a very convenient and simple way. And if you have recently switched or thinking of switching from glasses to contact lenses, then you understand the great comfort and confidence that one gets after getting rid of glasses.  But while contact lenses give you a natural way of rectifying your vision errors it also demands proper care. As a contact lens wearer you become vigilant about contact lens safety. There is no doubt that it is one of the safest medical devices but only if you wear it responsibly.  There won’t be any eye specialist restricting you from the wearing contact lenses citing any side effects but safety of contact lenses is assured only when you effectively follow contact lens safety rules as told by your eye specialist. Failing in doing so can cause serious problems as improper handling of these lenses can be a potential cause of infection. Germs are everywhere in our hands, eyelids, so the lenses are to be worn with special care in order to avoid germs like bacteria and fungi from invading your eyes.

Girl Wearing Contact Lenses

How To Wear Contact Lenses

Taking the cue, listed below are some of the important tips that you can follow for a successful wear of soft contact lenses and keep these complementary clean & safe for use. Following are some Do’s and Don’t’s.


  • Never ever touch your lenses without washing your hands. Always use a mild soap and make sure to dry your hands using a lint-free towel.
  • Each time you remove your lenses, make sure to always rinse, clean and disinfect these in the contact lens solution. Properly follow the instructions cited in the solution bottle.
  • Make sure to tightly bottle up the solution when not in use.
  • Change the multi-care solution of the lens case every day.
  • Cleaning the lens case on a regular basis and let it get dry properly id equally important. Also, change your lens case at an interval of every three months.
  • Remember to change your lenses after the prescribed time; this is very important.
  • If you are a regular lens wearer, don’t forget to carry lubricating and rewetting drops with you all the times.
  • Also carry with you the lens case filled with fresh multi-care solution; so that anytime anywhere if you get into the need of taking off your lenses, you have a right place to store it.
  • If you are suffering from itching, redness or any kind of discomfort in your eyes after wearing the lenses then make no delay in meeting your eye care specialist.


  • Under all circumstances keep your lenses away from soaps, cosmetics or other such substances
  • It mandatory and important precaution; don’t re-use lens care solution.
  • When you wear soft contact lenses make sure not to use any eye drops or solutions that are meant to be used for contact lenses.
  • Avoid wearing your contact lenses being close to harmful vapors or fumes
  • Never ever use solution after its expiration date.
  • Don’t go for swimming wearing contact lenses.
  • Don’t wear other leases nor allow others to use your lenses.
  • Don’t use hairspray after wearing your contact lenses.

About Author: Daniel Ros is Fashion Consultant in Las Vegas. He has 6+ Years of experience as Fashion Consultant and has worked with many Firms in Las Vegas. Here he is sharing his views on Fashion, especially Eye Care have been his specialty and he writes often about the latest trends and technologies coming to this particular industry.

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