Tips for cleaning your smelly New Balance Minimus shoes

January 30, 2013

Everybody belongs to the world of athletes, must have heard of New Balance shoes. This is America’s fourth largest athletic shoes manufacturer. And Minimus is one of the most popular brands of New Balance shoes. New Balance Minimus was designed and manufactured not only to chase the current trend, but also to satisfy the sports community who want to get a close-to-barefoot running experience by means of a natural foot position and foot strike.

Quality-wise New Balance (NB) shoes can challenge even the most popular athletic shoe brands. But like any other shoes, NB shoes also require some amount of maintenance and upkeep to keep them looking and performing better.

Tips to Cleaning your smelly New Balance Minimus shoes

Cleaning your smelly New Balance Minimus shoes

You should not immerse your New Balance Minimus shoes in water or put them in a washing machine. Rather there are some techniques to clean New Balance shoes. You can use these tips to clean your smelly shoes and here the tips are.

  • Spray the shoes – At the outset, you need to spray your smelly and unclean Minimus shoes using a hose. You should use a high pressure stream from your sprayer nozzle inside and outside of the shoes.
  • Prepare a cleaning solution – Now prepare a cleaning solution to clean your shoes. Pour ½ gallon water into a bucket and then add 1/4th cup of ammonia. Dampen the corner of a soft cotton cleaning cloth with that ammonia solution and then apply it to wet a little portion of the fabric on one shoe to ensure that the solution is colorfast. Most athletic shoes are made up of man-made materials which are colorfast. But there are some which have suede trim and suede is very prone to color bleeding. So prepare and test an ammonia solution with less amount of ammonia if bleeding takes place.
  • Soak the shoe in the mixture – Soak your New Balance Minimus in the ammonia solution that you have prepared. But before that, remove shoe laces and put them into a bucket. Submerge the stinking shoes completely into the bucket and let them soak for about 45 minutes.
  • Scrub the shoes – Scrub your Minimus inside and out. You may run a scrubbing brush or a toothbrush over the outer surface of the shoes. Now dampen a soft cleaning cloth with ammonia solution and rub the cloth around inside of your shoes.
  • Rinse and dry – As the last step, you need to rinse and dry your shoes thoroughly. You can use the sprayer of the hose to rinse your shoes. You must keep rinsing till the sprayed water running off your shoes is clear. Now shake off excess water and leave your New Balance Minimus shoes in a dry and cool pace for about 24 hours. But don’t keep them under direct sunlight as it may fade the color of wet shoes.

These are the steps towards cleaning your New Balance Minimus shoes.

Tips to clean shoe soles

To clean the soles of your shoes, you can use a used old toothbrush. It would be a great tool to clean shoe soles. Along with the brush, you will need some elbow grease and some cleaning agent. Many shoe manufacturers including New Balance sell such cleaning products especially for cleaning shoes manufactured by them. However, you can use a household cleaner to clean the shoe soles of your New Balance Minimus.

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