Tips for Choosing Leather Jackets

April 28, 2013

Leather jackets are wonderful pieces of apparels. You must be particular while choosing a jacket. The jacket must fit you nicely. The leather quality and stitch must be of good quality. You must try it before buying.

Leather jackets are wonderful apparels and add aesthetic value to the person who is wearing. Are you planning to buy one for yourself? There is no need to hurry. You must choose jackets with caution. The followings tips may help:

Is it fitting well?
Tips for Choosing Leather JacketsThis doesn’t sound like rocket science. Isn’t it? You may go wrong if you are not particular about it at the time of buying the product. Wearing a misfit jacket may not look good on you, besides causing discomfort. It must fit nicely with the garments worn beneath.  It should not make you feel uncomfortable at any point. You must remember that leather products take contour of the body parts when worn. Therefore, you must avoid buying very tight jackets as it may make you look odd. Shape of the apparel will also get damaged if it is too tight on the body.

Look for Armour
Many leather jackets that are designed for bike riders have padded surface inside to prevent initial shock or tissue damage. If you are a biker, you must look for armour in your leather jackets. This provides you extra protection while riding, apart from increasing your fashion quotient.

Quality of Leather
Quality of leather of your jacket must be of high standard. A good quality product lasts longer, looks good and prevents any kind of injury. You must be wary of fake leather. There are number of ways of spotting leather. A fake leather jacket is very smooth. A real one has rough and uneven texture. Real leather products are soft but strong. If proper care is taken, they can last for years. Though genuine material apparels come at higher price they are better investment options than fake and cheaper ones.

You must pay special attention to stitching. Jackets must be stitched properly to withstand strain and pull. Make sure stitching is neatly done. Multiple stitches must be done at certain strain points.

Check the Zips
You would definitely not like if the zip of your jacket is damaged when the jacket is in perfect condition. The zip must be of good quality and must last full life of the jacket.

Picking the Colour
Picking the colour is very tricky for many. If you want a vintage look, you can opt for brown leather jackets. They look good with jeans. In fact, most jackets look amazing on jeans. Black ones can be good for wearing with business attire. If you cannot make up your mind, you can try different colours before buying the one that looks best on you. You can take help of your partner in this regard.

Consider your Wardrobe
You must consider the range of dress that you already posses at the time of buying jacket. It must go well with other apparels that you already have in your closet.

Try Before Buying
You must try different jackets before buying one. It must fit well. Colour of the jacket must look good on you.

Being selective while buying leather jackets ensures that you buy the right one. Make sure it fits you nicely.

John Warner is a fashion designer with a small boutique at Sydney. He sells quality leather jackets to his customers.

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