Time To Avoid 5 Fashion Faux Pas You Make

December 3, 2016

Fashion industry is ever-changing. Clothes and style that are in vogue today might get tossed and relaunched before you could blink. The number one command of the fashion rule-book does not involve the apparels you wear, but how it helps you to portray and carry yourself. It is not rocket science to realize that all fashion ideas you make will be a success, so the fashion experiment is bound to be a miss sometimes, and there’s nothing to worry about. To help you make these fashion misses happen less often, we’ve come up with the five fashion blunders you should try to avoid. And our team of best dissertation writing service helped us gather the list. Please read special instructions to be on the top:

  1. Re-doing Old Makeup/ Applying Too Much Makeup

Re-doing Old Makeup/ Applying Too Much MakeupNever cake your face with too much makeup. Keep it light during the day and glam and bold for the night. Also, pay attention to the color palette and your skin tone. There is nothing less attractive for girls’ fashion than the arms and face having two tones. We can’t stress enough on how foolish it is to sleep with the makeup on or to complete the next-day look by smoothing off a few smears, and dabbing a fresh coat of foundation or mascara. It does not only ruin your look but is also not healthy for your skin. All dermatologists advice not to wear makeup more than 10 hours a day.

  1. Too Much is Too Much

Clothing reflects a lot about your personality and taste. Wearing a fashionable outfit and looking beautiful, elegant, and stylish can set the fashion & you apart from the group. Wearing random colors can look fabulous, as long as you have paired them nicely. Avoid wearing colors or patterns that don’t go together. It is important to concentrate on those clothes that will complement your body. What your wear should make others admire your style and not get baffled by them. Your clothes should be enticing, not distracting. Take a look at the mirror to make sure your color scheme is pleasing to the eyes.

  1. Check the Prints

Check the PrintsAnimal print mostly remains on the fashion list and is never considered old fashioned, so purchasing one printed item isn’t an awful idea. However, overdo this trend and watch how the horror story begins. A little bit of animal print has a considerable effect on your outlook. If you opt to wear a something with an animal print make sure it’s only one item of your outfit and that too minimal like your shoes, or your bag, etc. Make sure you’re wearing an animal print and not the whole zebra or leopard!

  1. Choosing the Wrong Undergarments

This is a common blunder that all women have committed. There is absolutely nothing more repelling than putting on a bra which is too tight or too loose for your body. It’s imperative to invest in lingerie that is the proper size, so they don’t form an ugly impression under your clothes. Be certain that the panty garters are not showing at the waistline, and there are no outlines that are noticeable on your bottom. To conceal, varicose veins, and uneven tans, choose a nude colored sheer pantyhose to create the same impact as your skin tone.

  1. Too much Jewelry

All of us have committed the crime of wearing hundreds of bracelets, with extra-large earrings, a chunky pendant, and an enormous bedazzled belt. All at the same time! Each one of us, we have these favorite pieces of accessories that we can’t do away with. But what we forget to remember is that the majority of these things can’t be put together at once. If you are wearing a morning dress or a formal dress, then enhance your look with a beautiful and classic necklace. If you want to wear bangles, then please skip the necklace. If your love to wear finger ring and find it a truly classic piece, then wear it alone with no other jewelry but a pair of matching earrings. Though you may opt to wear chunky jewelry sets to bring about an ethnic look, minimal jewelry is the key to set the stage on fire with elegance. Avoid jumbling up too many heavy pieces of jewelry and you will be avoiding a huge error!

Too much Jewelry

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