Three Excellent Personal Reasons to Start Vaping

July 8, 2013

Although the topic has been up for debate for a long while now, I, for one, see little reason for one not to take up the habit of vaping electronic cigarettes. They don’t cost nearly as much as one would expect from an electronic device, are easy to maintain and can be bought accessibly and easily online. To boot, they provide a highly customizable experience, in which you, the user, gets to control the amount of vapor they produce, the intensity of the flavor, the flavor itself, as well as the concentration of nicotine in one’s e-liquid of choice. Obvious reasons aside, there are many pertinent reasons why you should also consider doing it. Electronic cigarettes have become the next best thing, and more and more people are turning to them, so why not be one of them?

Electronic cigarettes are devices which work with the help of a revolutionary new technology that transforms flavored liquid into vapors. These vapors are then inhaled into the lungs, where they linger for a while, and then they quickly dissipate into the air. In other words, they mimic the act of smoking. If you’ve ever seen a vaper ‘in action’, you’ve probably already noticed this; sometimes it’s even a tad shocking to see them using e-cigs in areas in which regular smoking is restricted, such as the subway, airports, or public transportation. I, for one, decided to go with blu when I purchased my first electronic cigarette kit, because of their design, as well as their charging method, which makes them highly accessible for people who are always on the go, leading a busy lifestyle.

E Cigarette - Smoking Girl

E Cigarette – Smoking Girl

If you’re worried about smoke, there’s virtually nothing to fret over in this respect, when it comes to electronic cigarettes. Consider the way a smoker, their home, and car smells. Unfortunately, no matter how closely they pay attention to matters of personal hygiene, they will always have that ‘ashtray scent’ enveloping them, because cigarette smoke is pervasive. With vaping, there is no smoke whatsoever—only the vapor that comes out of the device and usually bears the scent of your choice in e-liquid flavor. You can select from a wide range of options in this respect, going from regular tobacco to cherry and vanilla, and even to more exotic choices such as pineapple.

Last but not least, if you are the proud owner of a personal vaporizer, you have yet another benefit to consider: you can carry on with your nicotine addiction, without harming your lungs. It has been proved that nicotine alone, does not have any detrimental effects on the human body. It is actually used to cure fatal diseases like cancer. E-liquids come with different dozes of nicotine, so you can slowly lower it, and cure your addiction in time.

The electronic market has been growing for the past few years now and it is expected to continue its ascent. With all the vapers I’ve been seeing around me lately, as well as with all the advantages that vaping comes with, it is hard to disagree with this forecast.

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